Five Times You Need Psychic Therapy Instead of Retail Therapy

retail therapy

We’ve all been there, at that low point in life where we’ve got some disposable income and problems we don’t want to face, so to make up for the goals we’re not currently achieving, the things we want but we just can’t have, we replace those things with a little retail therapy and find temporary happiness.

The problem is, our retail therapy habits say a lot about our actual problems, the things we’re not accomplishing that sometimes money can’t buy, or sometimes, only a lot of money can buy. Here’s a few times you went out and bought yourself something, when you should have just seen a psychic therapist to sort out your issues and get back on track.

  1. Those super cute shoes that you’re not sure you’ll ever wear.
    Travel is a big deal to us, we travel all the time, from home to work, to the shopping mall, to our friend’s places, on vacations. Buying a new pair of shoes is like saying you really need to go somewhere, and do something. You’re craving a break, and what you really want to do is take your shoes and explore somewhere you’ve never been before. And let’s face it, every new pair of shoes you buy is a new adventure waiting to happen.
  2. That wallet and matching purse you simply couldn’t resist.
    So you know you’ve got some financial issues, you know there’s bills you don’t want to pay and rewards cards that aren’t pumping out enough rewards. That purse becomes your whole life, your financial identity to the world, and the people who have the most unique, expensive, or plain awesome purses, those are the people everyone else thinks really have it all together. So really, new purse gives you that illusion that your finances are going to work out, whether they actually do or not.
  3. That outfit, shirt, skirt, pants, you absolutely had to add to your wardrobe
    The mask we present to the world is that thing that defines us the most to the people around us. When we’re shopping for new shirt, skirt, pants, you name it, we’re looking to enhance the way other people see us. What you’re really trying to do with those clothes is fit in, play the part, and fix some of the issues people have with your overall reputation.
  4. Underwear or Lingerie
    Desire is a huge part of life, what our partner thinks of us, or that potential new partner, and even how sexy we think we are. Buying new lingerie all the time is like telling yourself that you have confidence issues with how sexy you already are. You’re craving satisfaction in the bedroom, and validation on your inherit sexiness, and new lingerie can give you that feeling for a little while but it’s not something that is long lasting.
  5. That really amazing hat that makes you look cute but not boring
    Hats represent our intellectual personalities, what we think of ourselves as an intelligent person. Some of us gravitate to the baseball caps, whereas some of us like the newspaper boy hats, and some yet are down with fuzzy animal toques, but the point is, you buy a hat that displays how smart you think you are, but not necessarily how smart everyone else thinks you are.

Retail therapy is a good way to relieve stress, because bringing new things into our lives is a positive thing, but if you find you’re always buying the same items, it might be time to see the underlying reason for it, and either see a psychic therapist, or switch to thrifting, it’s a less expensive habit with some of the same benefits, especially when you find those really cool rare items you’d never find anywhere else.

Of course, sometimes your psychic therapist is the rare cool person you can’t find anywhere else, who can help you solve your dilemmas without the retail therapy.




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