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My name is Safina and I am a Psychic Visionary, Astrologer, Tarot Master and author of ‘Tarot Boot Camp.’ I learned the Tarot through my life experiences and the visions I received from my spiritual connection, and the Ascended Masters that were assigned to me, which I met through my visions and dreams.

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About Safina

My name is Safina and I am a Psychic Visionary, Astrologer, Tarot Master and author of ‘Tarot Boot Camp.’ I learned the Tarot through my life experiences and the visions I received from my spiritual connection, and the Ascended Masters that were assigned to me, which I met through my visions and dreams.

Tarot Card of the Week: The Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles

Tarot of the Week: Sep 5, 2016- Sep 11, 2016

Eight of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Week: The Eight of Pentacles  – Raising the Bar to Achieve a Dream.

This week, you might be raising the bar to achieve a dream and hammering away at obstacles to achieve success.

The planet Mercury is retrograde in the zodiac sign of Virgo and you might be dealing with Murphy’s Snafus (unexpected obstacles).

Just keep hammering away and don’t give up on your dream.

On the bright side, Mercury Retrograde is the time when we turn our thoughts inwards and we are more tuned into our intuition!

The Eight of Pentacles is all about entering the apprenticeship phase. In the upright position, this card means you raised the bar to achieve success.

The obstacles of the past will be history because you hammered away at the work load and did not give up.

The Eight of Pentacles is associated with the planet Mercury (how the mind works) and the zodiac sign of Virgo (the combination of Mercury in Virgo makes you work hard and pay attention to details).

Tarot Card of the Week: The Hermit

Hero-HermitTarot Card of the Week: Aug 8-Aug 14, 2016
The Hermit

The Journey of Solitude:

This week, you might decide to become the Hermit and take the journey of solitude to figure something out, or maybe you need time away from your daily routines, or it’s possible you need time away from other people.

The Hermit (the hero) wants to be alone and does not want his peace disrupted. His mind is restless and he needs quiet time, or needs to find what he has overlooked.

He is gathering information, analyzing and searching for answers.

The Hermit will hide for days, weeks or months, returning when he is ready to solve his crisis!

The Hero’s Journey: The Hermit suggests that you need to withdraw from a situation to figure something out. You probably need to meditate and connect with your inner-light.

Through your meditative journey, you will connect to the light of wisdom or resolve an existing problem.

Tarot Card of the Week: The Magician

mythic-magicianTarot Card of the Week: Jan 25, 2016 – Jan 31, 2016
The Magician

This week you might take a risk — you know the future is uncertain but you’re confident and ready to move forward and put your plans into action to realize your dreams!

Hermes — The Little Rascal — The Magician of Greek Mythology

The Greek God Hermes was a rascal who had a hidden agenda and was extremely precocious. Hours after his birth he snuck out of his crib and headed off on an adventure which included stealing cattle from his half-brother, Apollo.

He hid them in a cave, creating a lyre (lute) from a turtle shell, and inventing sacrificial divine worship. He then returned to his crib as if nothing had happened.

Apollo discovered his cattle were missing and became livid! Being the gifted god of prophecy and omens as well as the Sun god, he determined that Hermes stole the cattle.

Finding the supposedly hapless infant in his crib, Apollo took Hermes to see his father, Zeus (king of the gods, fate and destiny). When confronted, Hermes lied and said that he did not take the cattle.

Winter Solstice December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice December 21, 2015

The Winter Solstice begins on December 21, 2015.

This is the time to look back at what you’ve accomplished, but also the time to tie up all your loose ends that are dangling so you’ll be able to make a fresh new start!

Very soon, you’ll start to work on your new goals that will lead you to success for the year of 2016.

The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn (the mountain goat in astrology).

Did you know the mountain goat climbs the highest cliffs and mountains to take a good look to see what’s going on to feel safe?

This Capricorn energy will make you want to climb the new mountain, and you’ll probably take a look to see what needs to be done and roll up your sleeves and get to work and commit to something important to you that will lead you to success in 2016.

Tarot Card of the Week: Ace of Cups

mythic-ace-of-cupsTarot Card of the Week: Dec 21 – Dec 27, 2015
Ace of Cups

This week the Ace of Cups lands in your lap! Did you know the Ace of Cups controls your relationship path and indicates that you’re headed for a new beginning.

The Aces are the “Controlling Cards” in my deck. Cups are related to love, emotional feelings, friendships and romantic relationships. A message will be revealed to you about a spiritual awakening — this awakening is the birth of opening your heart!

The Ace of Cups — The Birth of Aphrodite

In Greek Mythology, you meet Aphrodite (goddess of love) who was born, fully grown, from the foam formed when Cronos castrated his father (Uranus) and threw his testicles into the sea. The Mythic Tarot Ace of Cups shows a storm bubbling in the sea with Aphrodite rising from the waves holding an enormous golden cup.

The golden cup indicates a sudden spiritual awakening connected to love. This spiritual awakening reflects the time to open the heart to give and receive unconditional love.

In Mythic Tarot, this Cup represents the beginning of your journey, a time when you are willing to risk it all to fall in love again!

Chiron Turns Direct — November 27, 2015

On Friday, November 27, 2015, Chiron (the wounded healer) returns to direct motion after being in retrograde motion since June 24, 2015.

Retrograde motion is the time when the wounds of the past are turned inwards and your spirit weeps! If you went through something during the retrograde phase, you probably refused to deal with it or you couldn’t deal with it because it was too painful.

Now you might be ready to deal with the upsetting situation and do the hard work to put yourself back on solid ground!

You see, Chiron orbits between the planets of Saturn (hard work) and Uranus (the awakener). Saturn is related to karma, restrictions, lessons to learn and sometimes bad luck.

Saturn makes you roll up your sleeves and do the hard work to solve your problems and Uranus awakens you with insight to help you get out of a rut. If you ignore the insight from Uranus, you’ll end up with more work to do to heal your wounds and you’re spirit will continue to weep.

Tarot Card of the Week: Seven of Cups


Tarot Card of the Week: Nov 23 – Nov 29, 2015

Seven of Cups

This week you might be having vivid dreams about a lost relationship, one that you want back. Your dream might remain as “Castles in the Sky” until you’re ready to repair the relationship or let go of the relationship and move on…

Psyche Meets Eros’s Mother, Aphrodite

After Psyche hurt Eros (Cupid) and lost his trust, damaging their marriage, she wandered the Earth looking for Eros but she could never find him.

Determined to tell Eros she truly loved him, she contacted his mother (Aphrodite) and asked for help. Aphrodite, still angry with her initial devious plot that went awry, sought revenge by giving Psyche a list of extremely difficult tasks to complete.

Psyche felt like her dreams were just “Castles in the Sky” after she talked with Aphrodite but realized that she had to hunker down and do what Aphrodite wanted in order to get Eros back!

Eros, watching from a distance, knew Psyche was going through hell because of his mother’s spitefulness. He made a heartfelt decision, visited Jupiter and asked Jupiter to convince Aphrodite to help Psyche.