Ask a Psychic: Will I Get the Job?


This week’s question comes from client who recently interviewed for a job after having been out of work for the past several months.

He ended his last contract with enough money in savings to feel comfortable for awhile, but is now starting to feel anxious about upcoming job prospects.

He recently applied for and was granted an interview in a field that he’s extremely qualified for — perhaps even over-qualified for.

And even though he feels that the interview went well, he’s starting to get nervous because he hasn’t heard back from them for a follow up interview or job offer.

His questions were whether he would hear back in the coming days with a job offer and whether this was something worth pursuing if he did. Our client (we’ll call him James) provided his birth information as well, which Melodie looked at, along with a three card tarot spread using the Mary El Tarot.

Ask a Psychic: Will I Reunite With My Ex?


This week’s question comes from woman (whom we’ll call Teresa) whose boyfriend broke up with her during the most recent Mercury retrograde.

She knows enough about astrology to know that things can go haywire during a Mercury retrograde, but probably doesn’t know enough about it to have understood that there were far bigger transits at work during this period, namely Saturn and Pluto transits.

She says she was blind-sided and didn’t see this coming. She’s wondering whether there is a chance for reconciliation and if so when.