Knowing What You Don’t Want In A Relationship

How often do we hear people saying they have a list of things they want to find in a relationship? I don’t think I ever hear anyone saying what they don’t want.

When talking about relationships, be they friends, family or love, most people have a good idea of what they expect to get or what they should give. Most never consider what they really don’t want in those type of relationships.

In love relationships, we often focus on looks, financial success and the list goes on of good qualities. Do we ever focus on the bad qualities we don’t want?

If your childhood was full of drama and chaos, would you want that for your own children? If your father or mother were abusive, should you accept the same fate just because the other person is good looking or can offer financial stability?

Instead of looking for those good qualities, it might be better to look at how they treat other people, especially their own family.