Tarot Card of the Week: Seven of Tulips

Seven of Tulips

Tarot Card of the Week: May 15- May 21, 2017

 Seven of Tulips

If you aren’t careful with what you are doing this week, you may just inadvertently make a huge mistake.

If you have papers to sign, contracts to read over, etc make sure you do so twice and don’t sign anything that you don’t understand.

The Seven of Tulips — (the Rabbit Tarot’s version of the Seven of Cups) can be a card of confusion. It can also show that you are away with the fairies somewhat and not completely grounded. It can see you putting faith into empty promises, or can turn wishful thinking into later regrets.

Here we see a cute little rabbit picking pink tulips whilst at the same time not looking at what she is doing and also looking for all the world as if she has her head in the clouds (literally).

The best that can be said is that if there is a middle ground or middle of the road stance for you to take on something today then do it. Don’t rock the boat and don’t go pushing into any arguments that you don’t have any right to be in.

Tarot Card of the Week: Seven of Cups


Tarot Card of the Week: Nov 23 – Nov 29, 2015

Seven of Cups

This week you might be having vivid dreams about a lost relationship, one that you want back. Your dream might remain as “Castles in the Sky” until you’re ready to repair the relationship or let go of the relationship and move on…

Psyche Meets Eros’s Mother, Aphrodite

After Psyche hurt Eros (Cupid) and lost his trust, damaging their marriage, she wandered the Earth looking for Eros but she could never find him.

Determined to tell Eros she truly loved him, she contacted his mother (Aphrodite) and asked for help. Aphrodite, still angry with her initial devious plot that went awry, sought revenge by giving Psyche a list of extremely difficult tasks to complete.

Psyche felt like her dreams were just “Castles in the Sky” after she talked with Aphrodite but realized that she had to hunker down and do what Aphrodite wanted in order to get Eros back!

Eros, watching from a distance, knew Psyche was going through hell because of his mother’s spitefulness. He made a heartfelt decision, visited Jupiter and asked Jupiter to convince Aphrodite to help Psyche.