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My name is Siobhan. I am a natural psychic who provides intuitive empathic guidance into love, career, finance, life-path and past lives. My insights are always compassionate and caring, but candid.


The heart wants what it wants.

Love is a powerful thing, so is desire and focus, as we focus on a person and wanting to be with them, it is easy to feel they are wanting the same thing.

Often there is a mutual synergy and it’s simply that the other person is at a different place emotionally or mentally, I can help look at situations through my empathic, intuitive gifts and see the course unfolding.

In the meantime, I can help you develop a stronger, more focused you, one that draws them to you, like a moth to a flame, as you embark on what fulfills you, oftentimes, they will be drawn to you like never before!