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Ask a Psychic: What Can I Do to Improve My Relationship?

This week’s question comes from a client who’s in a long term relationship with a man she loves and to whom she is now engaged. A wedding date hasn’t been set because she’s feeling ambivalent.

She says he’s a good man — loving, kind, successful, with a large family who considers her one of their own.

They’re both established in their careers and financially secure, and he wants to get married and start a family of their own.

So what’s the problem? She’s worried that the passion has dwindled in their 5-year relationship and is terrified of making a mistake.

Learning Tarot: Picking a Deck to Work With!

tarot decks

So you’ve decided you want to learn to read Tarot! Good for you!! And maybe you’ve already bought a deck and tried giving it a go and thought “gee, I thought it might have been a little easier” or “something doesn’t seem quite right”.

This could be for a number of reasons though.. but rather than get into every single what-ifs, let’s just focus on what if it’s not the right deck for you?

Some decks are a little more visually intensive than others and some extremely minimalistic.

But when starting out, you’ll want to find something that really speaks to you but doesn’t overwhelm (or even underwhelm) you!

That is going to be the main reason why you stick or don’t stick with learning Tarot. It won’t be having to learn what the cards mean, that just comes from practice! But it’s more the way that the cards tell you things; and tell you them accurately!

Psychic Andi

Psychic Andi

I’ve always had a fascination for metaphysics; first having a precognitive dream at around 5, and then being introduced to tea leaf reading by my great grandmother at age 10!

At 13, I began reading Tarot cards for friends and family. Throughout junior high and high school; I read and attended classes regularly, expanding my talents, developing others, and meeting great mentors along the way.

Further into adulthood, I’ve deepened my metaphysical studies with Reiki, herbalism, aromatherapy, crystals, energy work, astrology, Feri, Angels, Past Lives etc. I’ve personally worked and trained with many psychics, teachers, and healers throughout MANY moves cross country, and I know what it means to be a Lightworker on a personal and professional level.