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Is Your Soul Mate a Jerk?

soul mate

That first night, you stayed up all night talking. Sharing hopes and dreams. Talking about the past, dreaming about the future. True Bliss! Your head is in the clouds for weeks.

This is it! This is the one you have been waiting for. This is the one that makes you forget about all the losers you tolerated in the past. This is the one that made all the heartbreaks worth it! Or is it?…

Months later …

It’s all you can do to hold on. You wonder why they aren’t as open. You wonder what you could have done wrong.

You wonder if they are losing interest. You wonder why they no longer communicate the way that they used to. You try to change yourself into what you think he or she is looking for in a relationship. You lose you, you forget who you are.

Psychic Addiction

psychic addiction

A lot has been written on psychic addiction and I think still more needs to be written! Psychic addiction has become a real problem for a lot of people.

It is not uncommon for someone to loose thousands of dollars and not get an accurate reading. Or even getting an accurate reading and still needing more. Like any addiction, the real underlying issue has nothing to do with a psychic reading.

The drug addict needs those drugs in order to not have to deal with emotional turmoil and uses the drugs to temporarily numb the emotional problems that are going on in their life.

Someone that is addicted to psychic readings is no different. Someone that has a psychic addiction is looking for a way to pacify fears.

Like any addiction, it starts off slowly. The most common question I see in relationship to psychic addiction is, “Are they coming back into my life” so we will work with this one. So the first time someone calls and asks this question, and especially if they are hurting from the pain of a break up, they will be in a state of fear, a state of emotional turmoil.


As a child, I always felt that there was more to the world than what I was being taught. I saw and felt things that I couldn’t explain.

It was during a series of events in high school when I was able to start putting a name to what I was experiencing.

I started reading and learning everything that I could get my hands on regarding the psychic and metaphysical world. At the age of 23, I started studies with a world renowned psychic out of California.

I started reading professionally while also working as an engineer on a military base. This experience taught me how to “walk between two worlds”. How to stay grounded in the mundane, while reaching through the veil.