Tarot of the Week: Strength

StrengthTarot Card of the Week: May 16, 2016- – May 22, 2016

A beautiful woman sits over a lion.  She appears calm and without fear as she is surrounded by wild beasts.  If you look closely on the card, she stretches out her hand it may be a glow of inner energy.  She has given a golden touch to each of the big cats and has captivated them into her power. The strength of her gilded hands has overcome the cats with total and pure enlightenment.   In a moment of grace, your crown chakra is opened in your inner nature awakens to your inner strength which is greater than your natural wildness

The woman as a representation of our higher selves has tamed the lion, our shadow self.  She has tamed our base passions and desires that need to be controlled.  And so this card is about having inner strength in order to gracefully deal with life and its problems in a manner that examines our courage and compassion.

The Strength card doesn’t necessarily mean brutal physical strength, but that inward strength we all have. This card reflects a compassionate approach. When you see this card in a reading you are like the woman who offers love and patience to the dangerous lion in order to tame him. Your treatment of others with love and compassion will get you exactly what you want.

Expect to easily forgive and accept other’s imperfections. When you do this you create a safe and trusting foundation, an environment where you can influence others in a positive way. Seeing the Strength card in the tarot — this version from the beautiful Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti — signifies you have the capacity and talent to coax others into your way of thinking.

In all situations, strength is always with you, waiting to wake up. Once you start looking at your problems objectively without emotion and drama, you are ready to move on to the steps of solving it. If something isn’t good for you, you find the strength to just let it go. Sometimes your inner voice and good sense is drowned out by fear, but you can move past that by controlling an impulse to call someone who isn’t good for you, or to forgive yourself when you fall. Eventually you will see the wisdom of the situation and find the strength to move forward.

If you are fighting a habit or want to take control of some aspect of your life, the Strength Card teaches us how to tame the wild beasts within. Meditating on this card can help you honor that higher self in you. It serves as a reminder that you have more in your nature than you think you do. You will overcome.




tarotboxThis week I would love to recommend this “Witching Hour Box” — I love cats, and absolutely love this little Tarot Box next to my keyboard on my desk. It holds my Tarot cards beautifully, but I love the energy of the box.  It’s actually made of wood with a light velvet inside. I feel it keeps my cards clean and energized.

The sides of the box have the Celtic Trinity Knot, or the Triquetra. The term Triquetra comes from Latin, and it means “three-cornered.”

There are many schools of thought when discussing the Celtic trinity knot meaning. All of the various interpretations agree on a culmination of three parts.

For example, early Christian understanding views the symbols as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Whereas, a more pagan school of thought sees the trinity knot as the drawing of the three inherent feminine powers: Mother, Crone, and Maiden. Still another understanding can be found in a more metaphysical arena where the three corners represent mind, body and spirit.








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