Tarot Card of The Week Six of Wands

Six of WandsTarot Card of the Week: Jun 3 – June 9, 2015

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands, taken from the Crystal Visions Tarot, is a card of victory, triumph and success, so a very good card for an outcome.

Wands represent fire, and the Six of Wands reflects the Zodiac sign of Leo. We can see all of this in the picture depicted on the card.

The champion emerges from the struggle as a hero. He stands on a mountain top holding a torch of victory in one hand and a crystal ball in the other, a symbol of vision and enlightenment. The triumphant lion (Leo) beside him is a symbol of strength and power.

The number six in its numerical value is the caretaker, harmonious, stable and balanced. Hawthorne is the medicinal aspect of the six of wands, it’s often used for issues regarding the blood and heart.

Other medical issues involving lowering cholesterol and digestive problems. Just keep in mind, before taking anything, always check with your physician.

Upright, the Six of Wands is a card of triumph, victory after strife or effort. Success, good news, advancement as a result of previous work. It can also signify a journey over land.

Wands are a suit of movement, usually a forecast of great energy and force, a hectically busy time and the possibility of many new projects coming to fruition.

The Six of Wands reversed can represent delayed rewards, fear of defeat or loss. While this may sound bad, it usually means only a delay, and your victory may still be coming, you will just have to wait a bit for it to happen.

In the week ahead, if you are currently unemployed, you will be receiving news of a project you have been working to bring to the front.

This could possibly refer to a job offer, or if employed a good review or possible advancement.

As it often refers to a journey over land, if you are planning a trip this week, it should be a good time for it.







The Crystal Vision Tarot is used with grateful permission from the creator Jennifer Galasso.

You can find it through her website, or through the publisher U.S. Games Systems, Inc.








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