Hauntings of the Ouija: It’s Not a Game! Part I

ouija board

This is a true story! I can remember in the 1970’s when this was very popular amongst us teens as we would run up and down the game store aisle looking for the Ouija Board sold as a game to use during pajama parties and night time gatherings.

We would joke and laugh and try to contact the spirit world. We all thought it would be a hoot to talk to someone’s dead grandfather, but I can assure you this is a very serious tool that needs to be used by someone who knows what they’re doing or it could unleash a very dangerous entity that can take years to be rid of.

My sister in law found out the hard way when she and a few friends tried to contact her recently deceased grandfather to find out where he hid his money in the house. He lived with them and was a miser and did not believe in banks. He use to have it readily available so that he could count it a few times a day. Right before he died he went up into the attic with that money box of his and hid it in the attic where no one could possibly find it.

My In-laws’ tore the attic apart looking for that money and my sister in law during a party in the house decided to ask the board to bring forth Grandpa and to find out exactly where that money was hidden. She received no answer but little did she know at the time she did not properly close the porthole and believe me Grandpa WAS there, all the negative, nasty energy that he had while on the earth, the selfish, greedy, person that he was did come through and stayed!

It started a few nights after that party when the family was awoken by echoing footsteps on the attic steps and the sound of someone running up and down those steps. My husband at the time was living in the house and his room was upstairs in that attic.

When he heard the steps he got up and saw nothing on the steps however the attic door flung open and closed and open and closed. He thought someone was playing a joke on him until he heard screaming and crying from the rest of his siblings. Then it stopped. This was a gradual situation that was unfolding but it got so bad that my mother-in-law use to sit outside of the house all day until the kids came home from school because she didn’t want to be alone in the house.

This entity raised my husband’s bed off the floor with him in it, it broke every dish in the house as they were thrown down the stairs crashing into the door. Now you are wondering how in the world did this happen when the dishes were in the kitchen and in the cabinet. They had no idea.

Perhaps you’re wondering why they didn’t move, well because they were afraid it would follow them to wherever they would move to. This went on for at least 6 months with thunderous booming and shaking in the entire house.

Duke University came and stayed up in the attic to study it with their cameras and different equipment. One of the guys got into a terrible fight with the thing calling it the devil and this entity was yelling and screaming at the man. They packed up and left with no word from them as to who it was or what it was. After a year had passed the entity started to calm down and went into a dormant state. They never did get rid of it and this was all due to a simple innocent board game called Ouija!


You can now read Part II of this series to find out about the aftermath of this entity, my life inside of this house and how I dealt with it.




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