WillowHello!  I’m Willow  and I’m an intuitive psychic advisor/coach with over 25 years of experience.  I give unique, ethical insight to help you focus on your own abilities to change and shape the present and future. After all, isn’t it better to CREATE instead of wait?

I love to work with relationship issues  because it’s through our personal and family relationships that we find our best opportunity to open up to new levels of intimacy, love and inspiration in every issue we want to succeed in.

I  give insight on:

*relationships  (family, spouse, partner, romantic, and friendship)
* Building positive relationship to yourself and others
* artistry, creativity, and work (in career or personal growth)
* Dream interpretation/exploration of dream symbolism unique to YOU
* Resolving difficult emotions and experiences/finding the next steps
* Spiritual and personal growth
* Expanding self connection/ your own intuitive wisdom

Readings don’t have to be scary or “out there”.    I don’t want you to depend on them, I want to encourage your empowerment by giving you real guidance that helps keep you grounded and motivated at a practical level.  Since I believe you’re in the driver’s seat and that you create your own destiny,  I don’t deal in spells, fairy-tales, curses, or fixation on timelines.

Accurate, ethical  guidance will always keep you grounded in the here and now instead of waiting for things to happen to you.  My sessions are warm and positive, but I help you by being honest and real.

In addition to readings, I do channeled intuitive artwork that’s an artistic representation of the energy I feel. I also can help you tap into your own intuition and read the art that you create.

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I do readings by gchat/gmail, yahoo, and others, or via my chat messenger that anyone can use. Please let me know your time zone and the times most convenient for you. You can also contact me below.


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