Weekly Astrology Forecast — Aug 6, 2017 – Aug 12, 2017:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Aug 6, 2017 – Aug 12, 2017:

We start the week on Sunday with a Gibbous Moon in Capricorn, which sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus before the day is through.  The Capricorn Moon represents a time for simplifying your life and removing all of the clutter that’s accumulated in your life that may be hindering your progress.

It’s a time for looking at what’s important and weeding out what is no longer useful for you or conducive to your growth. This is particularly significant because as it increases in size it and becomes full — on Monday — it’s going to be a partial lunar eclipse. This takes place at 6:10 pm UT (or 2:10 pm EDT) at 15° Aquarius 25.

As Full Moons are said to shine a spotlight on areas in your chart that are affected (by house position and contacts to other planets) you might look to your own natal chart to see where this will play out for you.

The Full Moon each month provides an overview of the progress you’ve made since its New Moon counterpoint back in July.

Seeds that were planted then will surely have sprouted; do you need to make adjustments or change your course entirely?

Now is the time to think about what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go from here.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A big businessman at his desk.” It speaks of taking care of responsibilities (and knowing when to delegate them to others). It’s about productivity, efficiency and management.

The Aquarius Full Moon emphasizes humanitarian ideals; recognizing that there’s a place in the world for all of us and that we each have something unique to contribute. It  emphasizes progress, activism and uniqueness.

This is also known in Native American traditions as the Sturgeon Moon, and because it’s an eclipse, it can act as a powerful conduit for change. The Eclipse brings a greater awareness to whatever is no longer working for you so that you can release or transform it. It brings to light that which has been suppressed or hidden — even from yourself — along with the incentive to make changes.

As it is also an eclipse, It marks the onset of a period of figuring out who you are as a unique individual and what impact you want to make on the world at large. If you’re curious about where this month’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in your own natal chart, you can locate the house that 15-16° Aquarius falls in with our Free Natal Chart Calculator.

The Sun inconjuncts Pluto on Wednesday. This aspect forces us to re-evaluate our relationship with deep-seated fears and desires and find a way to reconcile them with our personal realities.

You may find yourself struggling with questions related to your personal identity. How you project yourself onto the outer world vs. how you are perceived by others. The Sun inconjuncting Pluto can also bring in the potential for engaging in power struggles. Remember that making love is always better than making war.

This gets easier on Thursday when Mercury sextiles Venus and the Sun sextiles Jupiter. The Venus / Mercury aspect is all about communion and collaboration. It’s a gracious and accommodating aspect that acts as a conduit for understanding.

As Mercury is the planet associated with words, ideas, and the exchange of information, and Venus is the planet associated with fairness and cooperation, bringing them together in a harmonious (sextile) aspect can make for some very pleasant conversations.

This is a time to get in touch with your softer, gentler side. See the beauty all around you — in nature, in the music and the arts, and in friends, loved ones and strangers. Let your imagination take flight and open your heart to those who may need little more than a kind word or a shoulder to lean on.

The Sun / Jupiter sextile is all about broadening your mind and changing your perceptions. As the Sun is related to the self, will and personal identity and Jupiter is the planet associated with higher consciousness and philosophical pursuits, you might use this time to work on raising your spiritual vibration.

Also on Thursday, Mars inconjuncts Neptune. This aspect is a little more sobering and can leave you feeling a bit melancholy, but only if you let it.  The Moon moves into Pisces and by mid-day on Friday forms a conjunction to Neptune. While this transit may be fleeting, it can see you feeling more hopeful and optimistic for the short period of time it’s in play.

We wind the week down with a trine between Neptune and Venus on Saturday. This aspect asserts a more idealized version of love, beauty, romance and compassion for others. It can bring you closer to loved ones, and see you feeling so connected to them that it’s hard to tell where you end and they begin.

As Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, this aspect can see you feeling so in sync with those who hold a special place in your heart that you know exactly what they need to feel appreciated.

Use this transit to meditate and reflect, explore your psychic senses and surround yourself with beauty. Write poetry, listen to music, spend time exploring your own dreams and visions and focus on cultivating forgiveness. These are all themes associated with Venus / Neptune aspects, and can help you to actualize this transit in its highest possible vibration.





That’s it for this week. See you next week!

Here’s this week’s Astro Calendar. Click on it to view it full-sized.


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Weekly Astrology Forecast

Aug 6, 2017 – Aug 12, 2017

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