Weekly Astro Forecast — Aug 30 – Sept 5, 2015

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Astrology Forecast for the week of Aug 30 – Sep 5, 2015:

This week starts with the Moon in Pisces on Sunday, still in full phase and nestled between Neptune and Chiron, which are both retrograde. This is the stuff that dreams are made of — with the infamous “Blue Moon” activating this sensitive, intuitive and highly impressionable astrological configuration.

This is also a Supermoon, meaning that it’s perigee (or closer to the Earth) thus appearing larger to the naked eye and may feel like it’s exerting a more powerful influence. This is a time for meditating, reflecting, and dreaming. Listening to music. Creating art. Forgiving yourself and others. It’s a time of increased compassion and empathy, which we all could use a little more of.

On Tuesday, Venus and Mars conjunct at 14° Leo. With the two love planets joining together — Mars moving moving forward and Venus moving backwards (retrograde) — romantic impulses are emphasized. Particularly with someone from your past or someone you have history with. This aspect represents the urge to merge and can ignite fireworks in the romance department. The Moon in Aries trining this configuration in the morning hours can amplify the passion and spontaneity in romantic / sexual interludes.

Don’t put too much stock in romantic connections that develop during this time though. The Sun is also opposing Neptune on Tuesday, and this aspect cloud your judgment. The Sun / Neptune opposition produces tension between your ego and will (Sun) and dreams and fantasies (Neptune). It can manifest as a lack of clarity or worse, delusions and self-deception. It’s good for getting lost in the moment and allowing your fantasies to come alive. But not so good for facing reality or seeing your situation clearly.

On Friday, Mercury and Neptune are inconjunct, paving the way for some tricky communications issues, in particular misunderstandings. This is not the best day to try to nail down plans or have serious discussions with anyone.  This aspect can produce tension and frustration, such as feeling like you’re not on the same page as those you’re trying to converse with.

The Moon in Gemini can exacerbate this energy later in the day when it squares Neptune. This aspect may be softened by an accompanying trine to Mercury, but you still want to be conscious of what you say and how you say it (also how you’re interpreting what others say to you). Moon / Neptune aspects can heighten sensitivity and distort emotional impressions.

As the Moon moves into Last Quarter phase — still in Gemini — on Saturday, you’d do well to think about how your actions are aligning with your career goals and your reputation. You may find yourself at a cross-roads and needing to make some changes in this area. As the Moon begins waning in light and counting down towards the New Moon (in this case a Lunar eclipse) later in the month, you’ll have opportunities to reassess and fine tune your social standing. Use this time to think about what it is you’re putting out there and make adjustments as necessary.


That’s it for this week, see you next Sunday!


Here’s this week’s Astro Calendar. Click on it to view it full-sized.

Astro Forecast -- Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2015



Weekly Astro Forecast — Aug 30 – Sept 5, 2015



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