Visualization For Prosperity

Visualization for prosperity can be a wonderful tool for increasing the effectiveness we have in our daily lives. It allows us to align our intentions and emotions with what we desire, and keeps us focused on our goals.

However, there are definitely some pitfalls to this particular practice. Working in the metaphysical traditions I have noticed that sometimes individuals mistake visualization for prosperity for living in fantasy.

Fantasy is not innately bad, for instance fantasy in the context of fiction allows healthy down time from our everyday lives.  However, when we live in fantasy, and do not choose to align ourselves with reality, this fantasy life can often have unwanted consequences.

Strategy 1: Set A Specific Time For Visualization For Prosperity


The best way to make sure your visualization for prosperity remains creative is to set specific times for the process.  It is also important to make sure that you set a time frame in which you will do your visualization.  By creating a schedule with your visualization practice, and setting a time limit you will keep yourself from entering into a state of fantasy, which is usually driven not by creative expression, but fear.

Every person’s time limit will be different.  In my personal work I have found that five minutes is an excellent time limit for me.  I would not recommend going over eight minutes, because most people that I have worked with cannot effectively stay in a creative visualization space for more than five minutes.  Their minds will often wander off and this could potentially derail the whole purpose of the practice.

The way to tell how much time works best for you is to gauge how long you can maintain your creative focus.  If you find your mind wandering during a five minute session you may want to decrease your time limit to three.  If you find that you can maintain a creative and intentional space for more than five minutes than increase to eight.  The effectiveness of this tool is not how long you do it, but how much intention you are able to put into the creative visualization for prosperity.

Strategy 2: Work Through Fear In Your Visualization For Prosperity

4094_c1Fear is often a much talked about subject within the metaphysical community, and I feel as though it has been given a bad rap.  It is true that fear can stop the flow of energy in our experience, but it can also be a very valuable tool in our evolutionary process.

Fear tells us when we are out of alignment, and when we are using visualization techniques fear will often come up associated with the practice.  This is not a bad thing.  The best thing that you can do with any fears that come up is ask it why it is there.  What is there to be afraid of?  Sometimes there are very valid reasons to be afraid, but for the most part fear is pointing out where we are out of alignment.  It may be that we do not trust ourselves to meet our own desires, or that we do not trust God to assist us in meeting our desires.

Either way, where ever fear is present momentum is lost, so make sure that you do not give fear a long leash.  If it comes up, deal with it right away.

Strategy 3: Come Back From Your Visualization for Prosperity

This seems pretty logical, but this again goes with the whole idea of fantasy verses creative visualization.  When you are done with your session realign yourself with what IS in your experience.  Do your best to tell yourself a positive story about your current experience.  The stories about our lives create our future momentum.  Use the conclusion of your visualization practice to align yourself with what is good about your current state of affairs.  Find reasons to be grateful, and express that gratitude on a regular basis.  The more you can align yourself in a positive way with what already is, the greater your ability to manifest your desired future through a creative visualization practice.

There are many different kinds of strategies to become a conscious creator in your own life experience.  This is just one of many strategies.  The best way to be a conscious creator in your own life is to find out which strategies work best for you, and PRACTICE them.  My prayer is that each person reading this article will find the strategies that work best for their own journey on this planet.

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