Social Media and Virtual Cheating: Is Facebook Harmful to a Relationship?

virtual cheating

Back in the day, when psychics did local organic readings, meaning face to face, before you could hyper link to a virtual online reading anywhere, we never saw some of the concerns that come up regarding relationships.

One of the most common concerns I hear from my clients has to do with Facebook, dating sites like and social media.

They are concerned with virtual cheating in their relationship.

If these concerns occupy your thoughts, let me give you some smart tips, the straight skinny, the 411 from the Universe on real cheating vs. virtual cheating in a relationship.

As a psychic, I can tell you that the information that I have received from my guides regarding these sites goes back to old school values in a relationship. Facebook, dating sites and social media are all like being in a bar.

Some people hang back and watch the others flirt or just people watch. Some are hooking up for the sake of only hooking up. Some are there just to enjoy friendship with the people they know.

The hardest thing to really accept seems to be that these situations are still a virtual relationship. They are not a real relationship until you have actually met someone local, organic, face to face. Not Facebook to Facebook.

So is virtual cheating, cheating? Using social media is like fishing. You bait the hook just to see what you might catch and then throw it back. Rarely do these situations work out.

A man wants to continue to feel he is still the rooster in the hen house, so to speak. Lurking and flirting on Facebook or dating sites is something that most men would not act on or take to the next level, unless; they were a cheater to start with. Whether a virtual cheater or actual cheater, old habits are hard to break. If he were a cheater before you met, chances are he will cheat again using Facebook, a dating site, social media or anywhere else.

This leads me to explain something else about Facebook and Internet dating. A man is normally not going to make the effort to get out from behind the laptop to meet you or anyone if: He has talked a good ‘game’ to you for more than a week and has not reached out to speak to you on the phone and then to meet in person.

At that point, it is only game. He is not serious. Period. So, don’t pin your hopes or worries on this behavior. This is a virtual relationship. Not a real relationship.

Most men lose interest in these sites once they have a stable relationship. A committed relationship, committed being the key word.

Women and men think differently. While a man doesn’t want to hurt his partner, trolling these sites is not serious to him. He doesn’t see it as something that would or could potentially hurt you or the relationship. You could also think of it another way. If you didn’t know he looked at Playboys and you found one, that might shock you. His looking at the magazine doesn’t mean he loves you any less nor does it make him a virtual cheater. It’s just a phase that most guys do go through. Eventually they drop those things.

I sincerely don’t think you need be worried or feel threatened by a magazine or an Internet site. It’s truly not going to go anywhere. If your man is happy, secure and committed, he is not going to invest any more effort into Facebook other than looking at pictures and chit chat. Just like a magazine that talks back to him. See what I mean?

So, with all this good stuff in mind, don’t lurk and keep checking on him to see if he has visited Facebook or a dating site. Let me remind you that when you start to look for things, you will always find something. The point being is to listen to your intuition. If your intuition tells you to look, then look.

If your intuition tells you to trust, then you can trust. Listen to your heart. Your heart will always tell you the truth. There is nothing ‘virtual’ in what your heart tells you.

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