The Timing of a Hidden Prophecy

The Timing of a Hidden Prophecy: I did not look for the tarot, the tarot found me through the visions I received in vivid color.

These visions were kind of spooky but also very amazing and inspired me to learn everything I could about the tarot. The tarot is your best teacher and will show you the root of the situation, or point out the best direction for you to take, or give you something to think about, or help you activate your intuition, or help you on your journey of spiritual development.

My Great Grandmother was a Master Tarot Card and Cartomancy reader and my mother is a Master Cartomancy reader, so the apple did not fall far from the tree.

When it’s your time to work on your life purpose the universe is going to help you get there one way or the other.

Did you know there are hidden prophecies related to the Tarot Cards that are enumerated five? These cards represent the time of an unknown unexpected change that will be revealed to you.

I experienced this hidden prophecy during my Second Progressed Moon Return Life Cycle = an ending and a new beginning related to my professional work relationship – transformation and renewal.

Astrology and Tarot Secrets: I experienced this hidden prophecy during my Second Progressed Moon Return Life Cycle at the age of 54 = an ending and a new beginning related to my professional work relationship – transformation and renewal.

During the Progressed Moon transit, transiting Uranus (the great awakener – aka as the Fool in the Tarot) was moving through my 8th house of endings). Transiting Uranus trine natal Uranus (12th house of hidden events and self-undoing).

I was going to experience an unexpected event and lose my job and I was going to feel like I got struck by lightning and jolted into awareness. I was going to start over with a new job that was right for me because all endings bring new beginnings!

Transiting Neptune (the spiritual awakener – aka the Hanged Man in the tarot was moving through my 7th house of a business relationship). Transiting Neptune trine natal Neptune (3rd house of communication and writing) and transiting Part of Fortune conjunct natal Part of Fortune.

I was going to feel like the Hanged Man and get stuck in limbo, hindered by the past until I let go of what happened, but during my time in suspension I would realize that my part of fortune was related to a job in spirituality, communications, mysticism, creative arts and writing.

And the transiting Moon (the keeper of secrets – aka the High Priestess in the tarot) was moving through my 1st house of self and a new beginning). The Transiting Moon conjunct natal Moon and I needed to prepare for a new beginning.

In Summary: The High Priestess, the keeper of secrets, helps you inspect the darkest areas of your life and raises your awareness in your subconscious mind to help you solve a puzzling mystery of where I was headed. Times where changing and I was being sent on a new beginning related to spirituality, communications, mysticism, creative arts and writing and the universe was helping me get there.

I learned that the timing of a Trine is 4 o’clock (GMT time), which converts to 8:00 AM PST time, the time zone I live in. However, the PST time zone uses daylight saving time (setting the clock back 1 hour in the fall season) or (setting the clock forward 1 hour in the spring season), so depending on the time of the year the time converts to 7:00 AM (fall season) or 9:00 AM (spring season).

On Friday, at 9:00 AM I was called into a meeting at work. Here are the events that happened three weeks before I was called into that meeting.

My Vision of the Five of Pentacles

About three weeks before my job ended I had a vision that was in vivid color. The Five of Pentacles was flashed before me three times (a message from a higher source with a significant timing of three) and that was the start of the vision.

The vision looked exactly like the church window that is shown in the Five of Pentacles tarot card but there were no archetypes in the vision. Why? My teacher came to warn me about an unexpected event and that I would need to decode the meaning of the Five of Pentacles tarot card to understand this event.

The Five of Pentacles is associated with hardships but I also knew this card was related to a financial setback, or being rejected by someone in society who decided they did not want to be loyal to you anymore. Whatever the cause of this setback, I would need to use my strength and courage to weather this storm to overcome this hardship.

Then I saw another vision of a Silent Lightning Storm instead of the snow storm – the silent lighting storm signified something hidden was going to come out and surprise me! Why was there lightning instead of snow? The vision was giving me the timing of the spring season, not the winter season!

The colors of the church windows were yellow (the sun, which looks like the number zero for a sudden new beginning), blue (thought), red (action) and green (growth). Together, they symbolize a sudden new beginning, attended by much thought, a rapid onset and new growth that was out of my control.

The berries shown in the church window represent harvest and success but the thorns of the berry bush indicate some stinging events along the way. The Five of Pentacles (hardships) are connected to branches on the “The Tree of Life”. The fifth position of this tree represents the sphere of energy: your strength and courage to weather an unexpected storm (hardship)!

After having this vision, I lost my job and two roommates – three financial losses within three weeks and in the month of March (the spring season). The silent lightning storm meant that one of the three losses was going to shock me – and the shock was the loss of my job.

The universe ended my career in this particular field because it was time to start my career in Spirituality as a Psychic Advisor, Tarot Master, Astrologer, Writer and Creative Artist.







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