Taurus New Moon Card Reading: Results

As promised — here are the results for the Taurus New Moon Card Reading that was posted on May 3rd.

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This month’s results are posted below. These cards reveal your specific message for the Taurus New Moon that takes place on Friday May 6th at 16:29 pm UT (or 3:29 pm EDT).

This New Moon occurs at 16° Taurus 41′. It forms a grand trine with Pluto (at 17° Capricorn 24′ Rx) and the North Node (at 18° Virgo 53′ Rx).

The following cards were selected to represent nine different areas of focus. They’re also tied to the Moon’s conjunction to the planets as she moves through her 28-day lunar cycle.

Because Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are all at the same degree this month that they were last, they were not included here. However, because Mercury will conjunct the Moon twice this month — once while retrograde and once in direct motion — it was included both times.

Here are the interpretations for each of the positions, starting with card 1:

swords-and-torchesCard 1 — Sun conjunct Moon

If you picked this card, the energy of the Sun conjunct Moon will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on May 6th at 16° Taurus 41′

The Sun conjunct Moon is the official “New Moon” point and you can see the New Moon rising in the early morning hours behind the mountains on this card.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A Symbolic Battle between Swords, the Disciples of Might, and Torches, the Disciples of Enlightenment.” This symbol speaks claiming victory over whatever personal battles you may be facing — most likely between your understanding of right and wrong and your observations of how this is played out in the world around you.

From a symbolic perspective, Torches (wands) represent action and swords represent ideas. So in this context the Torches symbology is tied to walking the walk (rather than talking the talk), but as you can see in the imagery in this card, those wielding swords are not ready to concede. The Swords symbology refers to speaking your truth, even in the face of opposition from others.

Although there is battle imagery in this card (a scene from Gideon’s battle with the Midianites) both Mercury (communications) and Mars (actions) are retrograde right now. So this is not about battling with others literally. It’s about reconciling the discrepancies in your own heart and coming to a workable resolution.

The Sun / Moon conjunction (or New Moon) speaks of new beginnings and fresh starts. You may not always agree with others but And with respect to this card, it speaks of taking up a cause, standing up for what you believe in and doing what is right. It’s about gaining a clearer understanding of your own personal ethics and making a commitment to always conduct yourself with honor and grace.

Affirmation: “My words and my actions are aligned with my integrity.” 

finger-bookCard 2 — Moon conjunct Mercury Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Mercury will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on May 6th at 20° Taurus 55.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A Moving Finger Points to Significant Passages in a Book.

It represents immersing yourself fully into learning and studies — whether this is in a formal setting or comes about as an urge to gain a deeper understanding of something that inspires you.

Because Mercury is retrograde at this degree, you may find yourself turning inward and doing a lot of interior analysis during this time. You may also feel the need to go back and get a clearer understanding of something you’d glossed over in the past.

There are elements of doing things “by the book” associated with this symbol (and also with the Taurus archetype). But the primary focus is on depth, clarity and paying attention to details that you may have overlooked before.

With respect to the Mercury conjunction, this aspect refers to gaining new insights, grasping new concepts and communicating your ideas to others. If you uncover hidden messages — significant passages — during this time, pay attention: they will become meaningful to you over time.

Mercury will turn direct during this cycle (on  during this cycle (on the 22nd, at 14° Taurus 21.) The shift from retrograde to direct motion suggests a time to share what you have learned. Don’t give into fears of being inadequate or ill-prepared. This symbol speaks of gaining a deeper understanding and then passing what you have learned onto others.

Affirmation: “I am ready to offer what I have learned to those who are seeking wisdom.” 

swimming-raceCard 3 — Moon conjunct North Node Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct the North Node will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on May 15th at 18° Virgo 25.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A Swimming Race.” As water is tied to emotions, fears, the depths of the psyche and the unknown, this symbol speaks of pushing past your fears and dealing with emotional issues head on.

It speaks of tackling and surpassing whatever obstacles stand in the way of goals. It reminds you to stay focused on your own objectives rather than allowing anything (or anyone) else distract you from making progress.

With respect to the Moon / North Node conjunction. remember that the Nodes are always in opposition to one another, so this aspect automatically opposes the South Node. This signals a need to put the past behind you and to place some distance between where you’re heading and what you’re leaving behind. As seen in the image in this card, it takes drive and determination to reach the finish line.

The South Node is tied to past life karma and the challenges that you’re bringing forward into this lifetime. The North Node represents lessons you are learning this time around as well as the progress you’re making toward your own evolutionary process. With the Moon conjuncting the North Node, you want to be thinking about where you’re heading in your own karmic journey. As the Nodes are naturally retrograde you may need to resolve some issues from your past before you can move forward.

Whether you’re competing with yourself (as in trying to better yourself or working on coming out ahead) or competing with others (as in striving to win something or aiming for first place), the key is to muster up every ounce of courage and fortitude and use to propel you forward.

Affirmation: “I am focused and determined. I claim victory over all that has threatened to hold me back.”

whitecapsCard 4 — Moon conjunct Mars Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct the Mars will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on May 21st at 1° Sagittarius 58.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “The Ocean Covered with Whitecaps.” This symbol speaks of seeing the beauty in everything that surrounds you, even in the midst of emotional turbulence and uncertainty.

It encourages you to stay centered and to roll with the punches, letting circumstances that you have no control over roll off your back. It reminds you that it’s always darkest before the dawn and that there’s perfection even in times of disharmony.

You may be dealing with tumultuous emotions during this time, or you may feel like you’re adrift in a sea of uncertainty. The bolt of lightning that streaks across the sky in this card alludes to those flashes of insight and awareness that come to you from “out of the blue.”

With Mars at this point — and especially retrograde — you want to make sure that you’re not being too hard on yourself or blaming yourself for the circumstances that are beyond your control.

The Moon / Mars conjunction is all about energy, action and adventure. But because it’s retrograde you want to be aware of the potential for it to turn your frustrations inward and potentially against you. In that respect, it can manifest as aggression, impatience and irritability.

The goal for you during this cycle is to allow yourself some spiritual altitude so that you can rise above whatever emotions are troubling you. Alternately you can plunge to the depths of your psyche — where things are a bit calmer — and allow the healing waters below to replenish and restore you.

Affirmation: “I see beauty in my surroundings and know that I can weather any storm.


Card 5 — Moon conjunct Saturn Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Saturn will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on May 22nd at 13° Sag 56 Rx.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A Vast Panorama of Sand and Time is Unfolding; The Pyramids and the Sphinx in their Glory Rise before the Eye.” This symbol speaks of power, strength, glory and longevity.

It indicates a need to build something that lasts and that can withstand the tests of time. Whether this relates to building something literal, or it’s more about establishing a lasting legacy, is entirely up to you.

There’s a sense of timeless here as well as limitless possibilities. But because we’re talking about Saturn, you can’t expect it to happen without dedication, perseverance and work.

Saturn is retrograde all month. This reinforces the aspects of looking to the past that are prominent in this card. But it’s not about reverting to past behaviors.

The Moon / Saturn conjunction understands that life really is a journey and that while you may not be able to leave your past behind entirely, you can build on it and turn it into something you can take pride in. This aspect reminds you that every moment represents progress and brings you one step closer to your destination.

This aspect occurs in Sagittarius, the sign associated with higher mind ideals. The conjunction to Saturn is all about making those ideals concrete and manifest. It’s about creating something that is iconic and majestic: something that will live on long after you are gone.

Affirmation: “My power lies in my ability to remain steadfast and withstand the test of time.”

priestCard 6 — Moon conjunct Chiron

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Chiron will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on May 30th at 24° Pisces 54.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “The Purging of the Priesthood.” This degree speaks of the need to rethink some of your belief systems and make adjustments wherever necessary.

This isn’t about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It’s not about dismissing everything you’ve held to be true since you were small. It’s about taking an honest look at what no longer serves you and replacing it with what does.

With respect to the Chiron conjunction, there’s a natural humility and an understanding of where you too may be “flawed.” It speaks of using your own shortcomings to fuel your compassion for others.

You may have to face some difficult realities during this cycle. You may have to come to terms with the failings of some of your earlier ideals. You may also see those you’ve placed on impossible pedestals reveal their own shortcomings during this time.

The Moon / Chiron conjunction can contribute to an environment where empathy and understanding trumps accountability. So you want to be very clear about what is and is not conducive to your growth. You don’t want (or need) to hold onto something just because it’s become familiar.

At the same time there are indications here of developing exemplary standards, in your own life and with respect to your dealings with others. You can use this period to work on refining and purifying your own values and striving to impart those to others.

Affirmation: “I let go of what is no longer serving me, and embrace a new set of spiritual ideals.” 


Card 7 — Moon conjunct Uranus

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Uranus will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 1st at 23° Aries 12.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “An Open Window and a Curtain Blowing into a Cornucopia.” This symbol indicates an openness to abundance and nourishment. It speaks of opportunities coming your way and being provided for in ways that you never dreamed possible.

It speaks of being fruitful and productive, and of seeing the fruits of your labors coming to light. There are elements of reward and celebration also inherent in this symbol.

The blowing curtains can also refer to messages coming in from the spirit realm. Especially with respect to the Uranus conjunction, which can indicate other-worldly communications and ideas.

With respect to the Uranus conjunction, it speaks of preparing yourself for change. These are not just changes that come at you from the outside but also those that are rising up from within, ready to emerge.

This is a time for creating and embracing change in your life. Positive change in this case. Being open to receiving the gifts that the Universe bestows on you and sharing them with others. As Uranus is tied to humanitarian goals and ideals you don’t want to hoard your good fortune or keep it to yourself.

Now is the time to open blinds and let the light shine in. Be grateful for all that you have and for all that unexpectedly comes your way. There’s a radical and somewhat rebellious energy associated with the Moon conjunct Uranus. But it’s not about doing things for shock value, it’s about truly finding your own purpose and learning to use it to change the world.

Affirmation: “I am open to all of the gifts that the Universe has to offer me.”

cloudsCard 8 — Moon conjunct Mercury

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Neptune will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 3rd at 19° Taurus 27.

This is the second Moon / Mercury conjunction this month, with the earlier conjunction being in retrograde. This time around Mercury is moving forward and is looking toward the future.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “Wisps of Clouds, Like Wings, are Streaming Across the Sky.” It speaks of rising above petty grievances and broadening your perspective.

There are also references here to Angelic influences and intervention. Looking to the Heavens for guidance and inspiration. Seeking comfort and protection from spirit guides.

The Moon / Mercury conjunction refers to an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an ability to impart both guidance and wisdom to others. It’s capable of listening as well as speaking and gathering information for later use.

This aspect is curious, observant and insightful. It’s capable of seeing things that others cannot see. Its unique vantage point allows gain clarity and perspective by rising above an uncomfortable situation.

You may sense the presence of Angels or other-worldly guides during this cycle. Or you may find yourself relying on information that seems to come from out of nowhere. While you may not be ready to spread your wings and fly, you do have the capacity to rise above and attain great spiritual heights.

Affirmation: “I embrace the guidance and protection that is bestowed on me by my guardian angels.”

dutch-childrenCard 9 — Moon conjunct Venus

If you choose this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Venus will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 4th at 14° Gemini 21.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “Two Dutch Children Talking.” This symbol speaks of connecting with friends and loved ones, and knowing that you are on the same page.

How often do you find someone to share ideas with that speaks the exact same language? It’s probably rarer than most of us realize. There’s no need to engage in pretenses. You’re able to let your hair down and let your true self shine.

This aspect is not only about connecting with like-minded people, but also finding someone who truly understands.

With respect to the Moon / Venus conjunction (which is in Gemini, the esoteric ruler of Venus), you may see a close friendship develop into something more. A friendship may evolve into a love connection, based on shared ideals and values. This is the stuff Soul Mates are made of.

As Venus is tied to love, romance, beauty and harmony, and Gemini is tied to the playful and spontaneous exchange of ideas, you may find yourself awestruck by a casual acquaintance that leads to a romantic interlude.

There are references here as well to getting in touch with your inner child. To being playful and spontaneous and to being true self, without fear of judgment or censure. Other options include the desire to learn a new language or to gain a better understanding of someone else’s.Taking a trip abroad, studying foreign cultures and learning more about your own. In the end though, the Moon / Venus conjunction is all about Love.

Affirmation: “I am ready, willing and able to share my true self with another. “




about_sabian-oracleAre you interested in learning more about the Sabian Symbols? I highly recommend Lynda Hill’s website Sabian Symbols, as well as her book on the subject: The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

This book is phenomenal and represents a vast amount of research as well as Lynda’s unique take on each of the symbols. Lynda is a professional astrologer with over 30-years experience and a global clientele.

The Sabian Symbols were developed in 1925 when a clairvoyant medium (Elsie Wheeler) and an astrologer (Marc Edmund Jones) received messages from the world of spirit for every degree of the zodiac.

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