Tarot Card Reading, Frightened or Enlightened

Tarot card readings, frightened or enlightened, depending on the deck being used, I can see why some can cause you to be more frightened than enlightened.

What most people do not understand about the pictures they portray, the meaning is still the same and really depends on where they fall in a reading or the question being asked.

The unknown is always frightening, and the tarot seems to be an unknown place for so many people.

They are often portrayed on television as something only used by dark witches using black magic and that is far from the truth. They will usually show cards that come across as dark and evil, often the death, devil or tower cards. What they don’t tell you is they are usually not as bad as they seem.

Crazy as it sounds, I have myself found some of the decks a little out of my comfort zone in the past. A good example of this was just this past Christmas my husband bought me two decks of Tarot cards as a gift. The first deck was one I was very familiar with so I was good with it. The second deck however was one I had never seen and at first I perceived to be dark in the images on the cover. I didn’t open it because I had every intention of returning it but seemed to be drawn back to it, often holding it in my hands trying to pick up their energy.

After doing some research on the deck and talking with a friend that used them, I finally decided the reason I kept holding them was because I was already drawn to their energy. After opening them and shuffling through the deck, I realized just how much I truly liked them and they were not really dark as I originally perceived them to be so am using them for many of my readings.

When I do face to face readings, I will first pull out the cards that might cause my client to be frightened, such as the ones I mentioned above. I explain the true meanings of the cards and how they might pertain to their particular question. This will usually give them a little piece of mind to allow me to go ahead with the reading.

If it’s a client I know might be really skittish about the cards, I will choose a deck that is more appealing and less chance to cause them to be frightened of the cards. Sound confusing, well I’ll explain it further with pictures of the cards that might help you better understand.

Deviant Moon Tarot

This first set of Tarot cards, from the Deviant Moon Tarot, can seem a little dark and daunting but depending on your question and where they land in the spread, their looks may be deceiving.

deviant moon tarot tower card                          deviant moon tarot devil card                deviant moon tarot death card

Chrysalis Tarot

The second set of Tarot cards, from the Chrysalis Tarot, while the images are not as dark, have the same meaning.

chrysalis tarot tower card              chrysalis tarot devil card             chrysalis tarot death card

The Animal Wisdom Tarot

The third set of Tarot cards, from The Animal Wisdom Tarot, have images that seem a lot friendlier, but again have the same meaning.

the animal wisdom tarot tower card        the anima wisdom tarot devil card       the animal wisdom tarot death card
The first card, The Tower, looks like it might mean something very ominous, but again, depending on where it falls in the reading or how it relates to your question may not be as bad as it looks. It can mean huge changes are about to happen, or it could be those changes have already happened, old ideas are torn down making way for new ideas. It can also signify a lot of chaos in your life that is causing you to be scattered, not thinking clearly.

The second card, The Devil, isn’t something most want to come up in their reading, and no it doesn’t mean the devil is coming for you or you are going to hell. I find this card can come up in the past for people that may have had an addiction or were stuck in a bad situation or relationship. Usually the cards surrounding it tell me they have overcome these things and are moving forward to a better quality of life. If it comes up in the present or future, it’s a message to make changes to fix your life.

The last card, Death, is always the one that seems to frighten people the most when it comes up in a reading. I have had clients so freaked out thinking it meant they were going to die, I would have to make them stop and listen to what the message contained. This card usually comes up to either let you know that your old way of doing things or thinking needs to end to bring about new ideas or actions. It might mean it’s time to quit talking about that job you hate, find something that you truly like to do, and move forward to make it happen. It’s the death of the old and making way for new things or opportunities.

While these cards look so different in each of the decks pictured above, they have the same meaning and the same outcome for the reading. The pictures may appear different but it doesn’t change the meaning.

My hope is now that you’ve read this article, you’ll see that getting a tarot card reading doesn’t have to leave you frightened, but instead can allow you to become enlightened on what you need to do for you own personal growth.

I’m available for tarot card readings, if I’m not online, you can always message me to make an appointment so I can help you find the answers you need.


deviant moon tarot deck

   The Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza can be found on his website Deviant Moon or through the publisher U. S. Games, Inc.








chrysalis tarot deck


Chrysalis Tarot, painting by Holly Sierra and written by Toney Brooks, is used with grateful permission. It can be found on the website, Chrysalis Tarot or through the publisher, U. S. Games, Inc.






the animal wisdom tarot deck



The Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Burke, illustrated by Ola Liola is used with grateful permission. It can be found at Animal Voices or through the publisher at CICO Books







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