Tarot Card of the Week: The Eclipse


Tarot Card of the Week: Sept 28 – Oct 4, 2015

The Eclipse

This week’s card honors the total lunar eclipse that takes place on the evening of September 27th into the morning of the 28th.

This is a Full Moon at 4° Aries 40′ that will peak at 10:50pm ET on the 27th (2:50am UT on the 28th).

The Eclipse card is the Whispering Tarot’s version of the Moon card, which from an astrological perspective is tied to feelings, emotions, intuition and primal instincts, as well as the unconscious mind.

It relates to security issues and needs which can translate to insecurity, uncertainty, fears and apprehensions. And these are all emphasized in the Tarot’s version of the Moon.

It can manifest as confusion, uncertainty or paranoia — especially when we try to analyze it logically, which is foreign to the realm of the Moon. Just as we can’t fully appreciate the beauty of the Moon in the light of day (consciousness), we struggle to grasp its archetypal meaning through the lens of logic or reason.

The Eclipse card takes this a step further by bringing in some of the symbology associated with the dark side of the Moon. It can refer to anxiety and confusion, based on instincts that you can’t make rational sense of.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse first hides and then exposes the deepest, darkest regions of the unconscious via the shadow of the Earth crossing over the Moon. But none of us are left in the dark. Whatever has been hidden or repressed is revealed again as the Moon re-emerges with newfound clarity.

This card speaks of the need to get in touch with your emotions. Even the deeper, darker, scarier emotions, the “Shadow side” of you psyche, the part that so many of us deny or ignore. It’s related to mystery and the unknown, all that is hidden and that lies beneath the surface. This is the realm of the unconscious: that which is churning beneath your awareness and which often translates externally as anxieties, suspicions and fears.

You may feel that something is “off” but can’t articulate your reasons because it’s not based on evidence, only intuition. It refers to mysteries that are hard to unravel. You may be working with insufficient information or making assumptions based on feelings rather than facts. Either way you could run into opposition from others who challenge you to justify your instincts.

The images in this card reflect the consequences of letting your fears take over your life. There’s the uncertainty regarding the paths that are laid out before the woman in the card. There’s the serpent and the wine goblet enticing her to indulged in things she knows she must resist. What’s left of the light in the Moon is reflected on the city below, transposing its mirror image onto the surface of the water. As water is tied archetypally to the unconscious and to the realm of emotions, the Eclipse card invites you to explore its murky depths.

Take some time this week to take stock of what is in your life that is just not working for you anymore. What needs to be purged, released or transformed. This can refer to people in your life, material possessions that are sitting around gathering dust, outdated ideas and belief systems, fears and insecurities, and even excess weight or stress-related health issues.

The Eclipse forces you to face your fears and do what needs to be done to overcome them. It brings what has been hidden to light and encourages you to embrace change. As this Eclipse involves the Aries / Libra polarity, it also invites you to find a middle ground between your need for independence and autonomy (Aries) and your desire to unite with another (Libra).

You can quiet your fears by reminding yourself that you won’t be left permanently in the dark. The Eclipse card reminds us that things are still “up in the air” and that the future has not yet been written. There’s still much to do and still time time to achieve the outcome you desire. You can work on curtailing some of the more harrowing elements (doubt, fear, suspicion and paranoia) and tap into the more uplifting aspects (intuition, perception, sensitivity and discernment) instead.



This week’s card — The Eclipse — comes from the beautiful Whispering TarotThis gorgeous deck was self-published by Elizabeth Hazel, who also gave us the fantastic Tarot Decoded

This deck is available through Elizabeth’s Kozmic Kitchen website, and can also be downloaded as an app on the Tarot eCards website. 

You can also purchase a custom etched tarot box designed specifically for this deck from the Alaska Laser Maid Etsy shop.

Used by generous permission.



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