Tarot Card of the Week: Ace of Cups

mythic-ace-of-cupsTarot Card of the Week: Dec 21 – Dec 27, 2015
Ace of Cups

This week the Ace of Cups lands in your lap! Did you know the Ace of Cups controls your relationship path and indicates that you’re headed for a new beginning.

The Aces are the “Controlling Cards” in my deck. Cups are related to love, emotional feelings, friendships and romantic relationships. A message will be revealed to you about a spiritual awakening — this awakening is the birth of opening your heart!

The Ace of Cups — The Birth of Aphrodite

In Greek Mythology, you meet Aphrodite (goddess of love) who was born, fully grown, from the foam formed when Cronos castrated his father (Uranus) and threw his testicles into the sea. The Mythic Tarot Ace of Cups shows a storm bubbling in the sea with Aphrodite rising from the waves holding an enormous golden cup.

The golden cup indicates a sudden spiritual awakening connected to love. This spiritual awakening reflects the time to open the heart to give and receive unconditional love.

In Mythic Tarot, this Cup represents the beginning of your journey, a time when you are willing to risk it all to fall in love again!

My Interpretation of The Ace Of Cups Tarot Card

The Ace of Cups represents a new beginning of love, joy, and a spiritual awakening. The spiritual awakening represents a message revealing an impending life change connected to a time of giving and receiving unconditional love. The Ace represents emotional happiness, rekindling of an existing relationship, a new love interest, marriage, and fertility. The heart chakra opens, indicating the beginning of great possibilities.

The heart chakra regulates our emotional health. When this chakra is balanced, you’re able to give and receive love. You’ll love yourself and you’ll be able to love others unconditionally with compassion, trust, forgiveness, wisdom, stability and patience. You’ll make your wishes come true. When this chakra is off balance or blocked, there is a lack of love, unity, compassion and acceptance. You’ll feel rejected, mired in sadness, disappointed, hurt, depressed, and angry.

Positive Position: You’ll experience a new beginning or spiritual awakening about an impending life change. This is the time when you’re ready to give and receive unconditional love, rekindle an existing relationship, or move forward with a new love interest. It may be the time of marriage, a birth, conceiving a child, or the time when you are ready to adopt a child.

Negative Position: You’ll make a heartfelt decision because your heart is pulling at you to stay in a relationship, but your head is telling you to move on. This position also represents a relationship loss, separation, divorce, or the time when you’ll move on because the relationship was not fulfilling, or lacked commitment.

Timing is related to 1 – 11 days, the fall season, or the Phases of the Moon.

New Moon or Solar Eclipse (not visible, making a wish and starting a new plan). First Quarter Moon (growing in size, action oriented, pushing ahead to a testing point). Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse (wishes come true, or the release of what is not working). Third Quarter Moon (shrinking in size, strong beliefs of what you want – acting on these beliefs or releasing what binds you).







This week’s card — Ace of Cups — comes from the original Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene.

This version, illustrated by Tricia Newell and distributed by U.S. Games is no longer available. 

A newer version — the New Mythic Tarot — is still in print.

 This deck can also be downloaded as an app for IPhone, IPad and Android devices through the Fool’s Dog website. 






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