Unlocking and Developing Your Psychic Talents

psychic talents

Everyone possesses clairvoyant skills, including you. Your skills must be reawakened through efforts of learning/study, practice and exercise.

While some seem to show and use their skills at a younger age, it is simply because they are remembering their skills from past lives sooner, acknowledging them and putting them to use.

Just like any other sense you are born with, if you do not use it, you will loose it.

The more you practice/exercise your skills the sharper they become and the more easily accessed.

How exciting to know your psychic skills and abilities are already there! You must just open yourself up to them and begin to explore what ‘tool’ draws you to be able to tap into your ability.

I was taught long ago to find what you feel best at and hone your skill there. That does not mean you cannot use or develop several methods; but everyone finds what tool they prefer best and that seems to be the ‘key’ which unlocks their psychic abilities.

My suggestion to you is to try a few things and you will begin to see what you are more drawn to immediately. I love my Tarot cards, although I no longer need them. They were the ‘tool’ (just as numerology, astrology and the like) that enabled me to tap into the skill I already …and you already have.

If you choose to go with the cards, I will suggest to you to buy a somewhat classic deck at first. I started with a deck called the Morgan Greer Tarot. Always buy an unopened deck. Do not let others READ with your cards or play with them. The only time another would touch your cards would be prior to a reading with them.

In the beginning, I would suggest you take them out of the box they came in, wrap them in a silk cloth and put them beneath your pillow to sleep with them. You will begin to have dreams that will reawaken the knowledge that are both in you and represented in the cards. Then, don’t be afraid to let your mind and your third eye tell you what you see when you look at them. Also, I read, read, read!

Spirit shows us things constantly. You just must be open to see what they show you. You will also find that when you start reading for others, that many times the message is not only for your client, but for you as well.

This is one of the greatest lessons and blessings of learning to connect with Spirit.

I wish you all the best on your journey. As soon as you start to look, the right information will begin to come to you left and right!

Blessings to you!



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  1. Fiona Beck
    Fiona Beck

    I enjoyed reading this, I also started off reading tarot cards but eventually found that I no longer needed them. They were a place to focus but the information was already there. Its still nice to collect decks though:)

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