Psychic Clarity


Have you ever been afraid to ask a psychic for clarity?

Don’t ever worry about asking a question or offending a psychic.’ You ask because you want to understand. I never see questions as offensive or insulting. You want clarity and that is why you come to us.

Just like a doctor or lawyer, psychics and mediums are learned experts in their field. Real psychics, real mediums will never feel threatened by your questions.

We do hope that you will ask with respect and not in a confrontational manner, since there is never an excuse to be just plain rude. Asking a psychic if they are ‘connected’ is rude.

If we are ever unable to provide you with the answer or connection that your Guides, Angels and Ancestors feel moved to advise, real psychics or real mediums will tell you this.

We as psychics, mediums, teachers, and counselors must be able to defend what we believe and why we see things the way we do. Then, in your heart, you must know what you feel is truth.

You are your own last judge. It’s good to have several opinions and to see other psychics. Cross reference and cross validation is always a good thing.

I go with the theory that majority rules. Again, real psychics and mediums will be in that majority. At the end of the day, you must trust your heart no matter who says what. It’s your life.

I hope I haven’t confused you MORE. It all comes down to what philosophy you believe and how you know the Universe to work.

If this is clear as mud, ask us again! Ask any of us at Psychic Scoop, we are all committed to your best interest. This goes back to real psychics, real mediums, real teachers will never feel threatened by your questions.

Without clarity, how can you know how to apply the advice psychics give you? I hope this makes some sense and gives you some places to start in understanding all this and gives you some clarity!

Never be afraid to ask questions. I will do my best to explain from what knowledge I have.

Or ask any of the other psychics on Psychic Scoop. We have all studied for over 35 YEARS and still don’t have all the answers!

That said: We will always try to help you understand. It’s a complicated Universe.


Lark Eden



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