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aura-tnHello! My name is Psychic Aura and I Help People Unite with their soul purpose.

Have you been searching for: Greater harmony and fulfillment in Relationships? Your most divine ideal partner in love, friendship, business?

Your voice and freedom in relationship? Greater levels of excitement, joy, and infinite possibility as you engage passionately with life?

Release of what prevents you from loving yourself deeply and experiencing yourself as divine essence? A clear connection with your higher power, inner guidance, and soul purpose?

I love doing Consultations for those who are looking to Grow, Renew, Reinvent and Re-energize in difficult and uncertain times. I believe that NOW is a time of opportunity!

My style – a mix of Clairvoyance, Coaching, Counselling, Inspiring and ALWAYS empowering. I am clairvoyant, empathic, third generation psychic who has trained as a Certified Angel Intuitive TM and Medium with Doreen Virtue, the author of the Angel and Fairy Cards.

I have trained with Denise Linn – and a Certified Gateway Dreaming Coach TM. and currently undertaking Soul Coaching Oracle Card Certification TM.

I am a trained psychologist, relationship coach and Past Lives Therapist with certifications in Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Life Coaching, Theta Healing and Law of Attraction Counselling. Certified Yoga Teacher.

My psychic abilities and psychological background have given me immense insight into the human condition.

I help people fix their love life! Love Advice, and Coaching for people who are SINGLE, DATING, in RELATIONSHIP, MARRIED, DIVORCING or BREAKING-UP.

I would be honoured to read for you and to empower and enlighten you with the answers that you seek!

Are you ready to manifest your reality? How is your past life impacting on the present? Were you lovers in a past Life? Learn how your Past Lives are important to you!


If I’m not available you can visit my website or send me an email to schedule a session. You can also add me to Skype or chat with my live in my personal chat room.

Please find below an EMPOWERING Chakra Activation and Balancing Meditation that I have created for you 🙂 Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

I look forward to talking with you!




You can also read more of my articles right here on the Psychic Scoop website.

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    Elita is such an inspiration to talk to, always on the mark & no question is too much trouble.

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    Thank you for the lovely session again 🙂 You’re just such a beautiful person! You read us both so well and have been right about things 🙂 I’m grateful that you had taken the time to let me know about so many things. Lots of wonderful positive energy and I leave the chat feeling so at ease. You really shine!

  3. Psychic Aura
    Psychic Aura

    Hello there!

    Thankyou for your lovely words! It was an absolute delight to chat with you and I am so happy that it all worked out! I loved your energy and look forward to seeing you again !:)

    Peace and Blessings to you!!
    Psychic Aura

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    Elita is such a lovely person 🙂 I had the most wonderful time chatting with her, and gaining new insight into my relationship and career. I sincerely feel she has such beautiful energy! She’s an incredible soul and helped me understand things, reassure me, and provide me information that made me smile. I’ll be sure to come back in the future. She has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease. Just an incredible and fantastic lady. You are extraordinary 🙂 *hugs* Thank you!

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