Multiple Marriages in the Natal Chart

Can your natal chart show that you may have multiple marriages? What are the indicators, and what will be activated at the time you get married again? This can be seen in your chart!

I wrote an article at the beginning of the year outlining Jennifer Aniston’s chart and what was going when she married Brad Pitt. She has recently remarried, so it should be interesting to see if she had indications again that she would marry.

I have already gone over extensively what can show up when one is having a marriage cycle, so, for the sake of space here, that can be read in the other article on marriage.

First, does Jennifer’s chart show that she would have multiple marriages? For this, I have to say yes. The ruler of her 7th house of marriage, Mars, aspects more than one planet in her chart. Even though he natal Sun and 7th house cusp is not in a double bodied sign (Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces), it also aspects more than one planet, which gives the opportunity for more than one marriage during the lifetime.

Being that “marriage” has changed so much since most of the old texts and rules have been written, an aspect between the ruler of the 7th or the Sun to other planets in a woman’s chart (we use the Moon and the 7th for a man’s chart) can show relationships that are committed, but perhaps do not end in marriage. This would be much like relationships such as the ones Goldie Hawn or Susan Sarandon had – they were not married to their significant others, but, spent the better part of their lives devoted and living with them. In Jennifer’s chart, her 7th house ruler, Mars, aspects 3 stellar bodies in her chart.





Oddly enough, her natal Sun also aspects 3 stellar bodies. Her hesitation towards marriage in my view can be seen by natal Saturn right on her 7th house cusp. Saturn is in Aries in her chart – placed in this sign Saturn is debilitated as it is in its fall – so, it doesn’t express its energy very well here. Saturn also tends to be cautious, sober and even fearful, so, perhaps through the relationships she saw between her parents or others, it may have had her gun shy to commit. Add to this, the ruler of her 7th house, Mars in Scorpio is conjunct or with Neptune in Scorpio – Scorpio energy tends to put others through the wringer when it comes to relationships. They want to make sure that you are truly there for them. Many partners cannot handle this energy as it can be all consuming.

The reason for her many loves in her life could be attributed to her natal Venus in Aries opposing natal Jupiter. Anything Jupiter contacts in ones chart tends to inflate it – in this case, this aspect can show someone who falls fast for another, enjoys the chase, but may become bored, and may even be fearful of making the wrong choice. Venus in Aries rules her ascendant, and in aspect to Jupiter to me shows why we have seen her almost constantly involved in some sort of dating situation or romance.

Her Mars/Neptune is in her 2nd house of ego and self worth, and I feel that she may be one who feels the need to be with someone. But, that Mars/Neptune can also be a buzz kill in that she may elevate the one she is with, or put them on a pedestal of sorts. It is when they show any weakness or fall short that her Neptunian fantasy may come crashing down. Her Venus being placed in Aries is also in detriment, which may be why she has been labeled by the press as being “unlucky in love”.

But, not everyone who has Venus in Aries ends up being unlucky, so, please do not take that away as an absolute – there are other things to look at in the natal chart that would show karmic lessons that come with relationships. She certainly has this marker in her chart, given Saturn (Lord of Karma!) is on her 7th house cusp, and her natal Venus, general ruler of relationships is with her North Node and opposite her South Node. Her South Node is also in Libra, the sign that rules the solar 7th house of marriage – so, she definitely has relationship/marriage karma to work out in this lifetime.

As for her current wedding, she again did have indicators that a marriage cycle was imminent. Again, here are the indicators we look for in relation to this cycle:

  • indicators to her 7th house
  • indicators to her 7th house ruler, Mars
  • indicators to her ascendant
  • indicators to her ascendant ruler, Venus
  • activation of her Vertex
  • activation of her Part of Marriage and Part of Spirit
  • indicators to Venus, planet of marriage
  • indicators to her natal Sun, ruler of marriage partner

Another thing we may look at is the 9th house and ruler of the 9th house, as some astrological systems place the 2nd marriage here. The 3rd marriage would be seen by the 11th, the 4th the 1st and so on. May be interesting to see if this formula works with her chart.

As for indicators to her 7th house, we did have this again. Transiting Uranus has been moving up towards her natal Saturn and 7th house. It hasn’t quite moved into the 7th yet, and I have to wonder what may occur when it does in 2016 through 2017. This is due to the fact that Uranus can cause trouble when in this house. It is considered the “divorce planet” in astrology. She would need other indicators showing they would split up, but, there may be some interesting developments in her marriage during that time.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio also was in aspect to her natal Mars, ruler of her 7th house. Transiting Pluto has been squaring her natal Venus, general ruler of marriage for the last couple of years. As for the 9th house ruler, Mercury in Aquarius, it was activated when they started to date by transiting Saturn. Transiting Jupiter activated it when they became engaged. Transiting Uranus was also conjunct her natal Venus when they began their romance. Her natal Sun was also activated by the transit of Saturn in Scorpio by square. Her Part of Spirit was also activated by transiting Jupiter and Uranus. Her Part of Marriage was also aspected by transiting Pluto. In fact, transiting Pluto formed a T square formation with her natal Venus and Jupiter, which is the ruler of her ascendant or her in the chart. A major transformation in relation to her life and relationships was due to occur! So, it would seem we have all the players lining up just via transits here!

Let’s look at her progressions for further confirmation:

  • Progressed Venus on her 7th house cusp
  • Progressed Venus conjunct Saturn
  • Progressed Sun conjunct Venus (this is a BIG one that is often seen in marriage charts)
  • Progressed Mercury, ruler of the 9th sextile natal Mercury exactly
  • Progressed Moon square progressed ascendant
  • Progressed midheaven (one’s status; this is often affected when you get engaged or marry as it changes how you appear to others publicly) square progressed Mars, ruler of her natal 7th house of marriage
  • Part of Spirit moved into her 7th house
  • Progressed Sun exactly aspected her Part of Marriage


Next, we look at her Solar Arc Directed chart:

  • Solar Arc Sun conjunct Venus
  • Solar Arc Venus opposes natal Mars, ruler of the 7th house
  • Solar Arc Mars, ruler of the natal 7th house square her Part of Marriage
  • Solar Arc Mars square natal Venus, ruler of her ascendant


Finally, a peek at her Age Harmonic chart for her 46th year of life:

  • Age Harmonic Venus in the 1st house of the Age Harmonic chart
  • Age Harmonic Venus opposes Age Harmonic Jupiter
  • Age Harmonic Moon on the Age Harmonic 7th house
  • Age Harmonic Mercury, ruler of the 2nd marriage 9th natally, squaring Age Harmonic Moon and Age Harmonic 7th house cusp as well as the Age Harmonic Ascendant
  • Age Harmonic Sun square the natal ascendant and 7th house cusp
  • Age Harmonic Mercury, ruler of the 2nd marriage 9th, square natal Mars, ruler of the natal 7th of marriage
  • Age Harmonic midheaven (public status) opposes natal Pluto


Her Vertex was also activated again. This is a point in the chart that when aspected by a heavy transit (by outer planets) or progressions, can trigger a life altering event. Her progressed Moon is forming a square aspect to it; her progressed Ascendant is forming an opposition to it; transiting Saturn opposed it and will again; transiting Jupiter will square it; Solar Arc Saturn conjuncted it; and Age Harmonic Venus conjuncted it.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time of marriage for them, but, that earlier transiting Uranus moving into her 7th house may be cause for concern after all. In the chart for the day they married (which, according to online reports was August 5th, 2015) transiting Saturn was exactly square the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Squares are considered hard aspects and can indicate obstacles. At least it looks as though the transiting Moon, which was in Aries that day made a nice trine to Venus and Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter were also conjunct an auspicious star – Regulus, which brings fame and honor. She does appear to have the possibility of 3 marriages in her chart, so, we shall see how this one plays out!

I chose not to delineate Justin’s chart, as there is not a birth time available for him, so, it would be an exercise in speculation at best – and it would only include obvious marriage indicators. An astrologer needs ones birth time in order to know where things belong and in this case, what his 7th house looks like! Looking at his solar chart, he did have some major things affecting his Venus, which doesn’t surprise me. Perhaps if his birth time becomes available, I will amend this article.

So, again, we see the chart in action showing marriage, and it seems as though the 9th house ruler (2nd marriage) was pulled in as well!




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