Intuition, the Language of the Empath


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Hello.  My name is Malia.  I am energy/aura reader, empath, channel & practitioner of energy healing.

What does it mean to be an empath? It is one thing to discover you are an empath, having the ability feel others feelings and even physical sensations, but it’s an entirely different journey to learn then what that means for you, how (or whether) to interpret the information, and how to bring yourself to a healthy and centered place again and again. And, it is entirely possible, even probable, that you arrived here, in this life, having forgotten your power, who you truly are, what your gifts are and how to use/focus them.  In recent years, I have been offered ongoing guidance to assist fellow empaths in exploring their gifts and learning to ground, and as a result, have a more peaceful life experience.  For the purpose of this article, I am sharing guidance regarding intuition, the language of the heart.

“You have come here blind so that you might learn to see with your heart.”

I understand these words to illustrate intuition.  As happens so often with guidance, physical world analogy is used to explain an otherwise very abstract, and yet critical element, of the earth-bound experience.

“You have come here blind…”  This life experience given over solely to logic and the mind is indeed a blind experience from the heart’s perspective, and yet, there are those of us who lead always with our hearts and are inversely blind to the mind’s experience specific to love and heart-based relationship (not specific to but inclusive of romantic love).

As we learn to trust the heart’s intellect, remembering how that feels (for some, this is physically felt), we remember that this is the one frequency of information that is always accurate.  We move through the process of remembering to listen to and trust our heart’s language and we find ourselves in relationships, powerful connections, that seem to defy logic, that argue with reason, and challenge our ability to stay grounded and level headed.  These are the relationships that bring us face-to-face with our hearts, bringing us back to trust in the Self and the heart’s language, intuition.

The heart’s language, the expression of its intellect, in my own experience, is vastly different from that of the mind.  It is physically felt, sensed, a magnetic pull or polarized push, harmonization and orchestration with frequencies dancing or in conflict.  While the heart and mind may express differently, there are infinitely and orchestrally intertwined, as one song.

However, let’s explore mind versus heart, as if they are separate, and for the sake of a linear distinction, we might rightly assume that logic can be illustrated within relationship by the matching of a profile (what our perfect mate might act and look like on paper) to the person who appears to match said profile.  Unfortunately, this way of comprehending such a complex experience as love and chemistry falls radically short, missing layer upon layer of information.  Logic itself is a very linear and surface-level energy when we consider the many layers of subconscious and cellular information we are actually processing.

For example, you might find yourself asking for the perfect mate, a beautiful woman, witty and intelligent, independent and full of life, and in reality, this woman is not approachable to you, and you find yourself unable to even make eye contact, let alone connect intimately simply because you have put her on such an unreachable pedestal, having nothing at all to do with the reality off who she actually is.  These layers of reaction and interaction bubble beneath the surface of ego, personality and projection, and we like to call them our subconscious.

In your mind, you are considering whether you are worthy of her, whether you are even noticeable; can you keep her interested or gain her interest at all.  And when you do have her attention, you might find yourself running for the hills because this match calls you to honor your most authentic self, BUT you will find out that your most authentic self has no question of worthiness and a paradigm shift begins to be birth itself.

And what of all the subconscious reactions that you cannot reason with and make sense of, the ones that don’t necessarily relate directly to an experience or are so far out of proportion to your reaction that you just cannot place them.  What of those?    What happens when you finally realize that you are not the only one “here” – that she too has her own birthing process occurring.  You get to see with magnified and amplified experience that she has her own imperfections.  Some of these imperfections perfectly triggering your own.  Why?!  Why?! 

So you see them.  Because you asked for more than this.  Because you want something that from your current conditioned state, you find unreachable.  To get to the relationship you really connect with, your thought patterns must change.  All the while, the beautiful mystery of this is organically and very naturally happening through the language of the heart, calling you back to You.

If all of this is so organic and natural, what then is there to “do?”  Nothing.  Sit still, find zero point, let the thoughts and judgments quiet.  Do nothing. When her imperfections affect your perception of her and you find yourself triggered and wanting to run, sit still. Let that wave of discomfort roll over you. This may catalyze a release your own insecurities and might just send you deeply into the darkness that you thought your perfect mate would allow you to escape.  Oh the irony!  This is where you followed your heart’s intellect TO?  Yes!  Sit still, don’t run, let yourself grow.

Therein lies the apparent contradiction that is so perfectly designed to assist in our evolution.  We are drawn to the ones who know us already deeply enough so that we face the parts of ourselves that hold us back from that which we believe we desire, and when that lion comes forward, teeth dripping and eyes hungry, giving us a picture of our own darkness,  do we run, hide or do we stand steady, still and allow our illusion to dissolve? 

Intuition, the heart’s intellect — this is the language of the empath.  It is a path that runs head-on in conflict with the logic-based reality we live in today, and a path that is often scoffed at by those who do not understand from the heart’s perspective.  And, this is the ever-expanding riddle of the soulmate relationship, those ones we have known for so much of “time and space” that they are felt energetically in the most visceral of ways. 

May you stand and face your lion, being still long enough to see the doorway on the other side of that fear, and may your movement through that doorway be as liberating and exhilarating as you imagine it to be, may the subconscious rhythm of your very body begin to recognize the lion as your gatekeeper to bigger, better, deeper and more, and may you become eternal friends with your lion.

Until next time,
Espavo (Thank you for taking your power!)


Malia Shields is a natural psychic, empath, intuitive, practitioner of energy medicine, the 111 & 222 Activation & the Vagus Nerve Activation as well as creator of “Finding Your Intuitive Yes!” an interactive group session designed to assist in remembering and practicing intuitive communication.

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Intuition, the Language of the Empath

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My name is Malia. I am an empath, intuitive reader & practitioner of energy work. I work both privately & online & have been available to the public professionally for the last 9 years. You may have noticed my page on various other websites.
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