Hauntings of the Ouija: It’s Not a Game! Part II

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In Part I, I discussed how dangerous it can be to fool around with a Ouija Board if you do not know what you’re doing and how my sister in law disturbed a monster of evil into the house.  Please read Part I if you have not already. As stated in the first article my husband’s family never did get rid of this evil energy and went into this dormant state.

I came on the scene in 1987 when I married my husband but mid 1988 my mother in law had passed and my father in law was lost and wanted us to move into the house since at the time we were living in an apartment.

I agreed and we moved in the house in 1988. We had moved all of our stuff into the family room and in one bedroom and the rest was moved into the attic. I would go up there to get some of my things to bring them downstairs and yes I went up alone but I felt safe and didn’t feel anything. My husband would go up there and feel it staring at him and had a problem being up there but then again he experienced the worst of the experiences of it.

My family would come to visit and stay in the house and some of them had wild experiences. My sister in law (brother’s wife) was doing her hair using a curling iron and the hair dryer would turn on and off scaring the heck out of her. My own mother would be in the guest room reading a book while everyone was asleep and she would hear echoing of footsteps on the attic stairs and was brave because she ran out into the hallway banging on my door scared to death. I heard not a sound but slept with her in the guest room. She could not understand why I was not hearing it and I said it’s because my mother in law’s presence was in the house and she was watching over us.

However, one night while I slept I was awakened by the sounds of those echoing footsteps but as soon as I woke up and was conscious they stopped. I told my husband I heard it and he said to me, please don’t tell me this, that’s how it started the last time. Well, I was not going to go through what they all went through and was going to get help.

Since I lived in Virginia Beach, I contacted The Edgar Cayce Center and explained my situation and they put me in touch with a woman called Kay. We chatted a few times and then she came over to the house to find out what was going on. Let me say that when you need to get rid of this type of entity it absolutely cannot be done on the telephone.

The experienced, professional psychic medium needs to be hired and I suggest that you find out all you can about the person you are planning on hiring. Check out their references, who they are affiliated with, how many evil forces they have removed, etc. You want someone authentic and who knows what they are doing and is why I went through the Edgar Cayce Center. You can also do a search in your area who does this type of work if you don’t have a new age related establishment in your town.

Kay came to the house and we did a walk through the entire house including the attic and she got amazing results. She found out that it was my mother in law’s father who hid money up in that attic and that the reason why we could not find it is because every time we got close to finding it, he would move it and re-hide it. He’s been guarding that money since 1960!

He also was extremely upset because when he was buried his family never got him a headstone and she told me that he needed to go and that she can get him to move forward. She told me the best thing would be to try to find the money. I told her no I didn’t care about the money and that I most certainly would not spend it, who needs that kind of trouble, right? She suggested finding it and buying him a headstone and then burying the money with him.

I was able to help her with what needed to be done and had the ability to get rid of him myself and I told her that I couldn’t even feel him there and she told me that’s because he was scared to death of me! She told me that every time I got too close he would back himself up against the wall.

The first thing we did was to call upon the Archangel Michael for protection and you could really feel his presence in the house, it was like he was hugging the entire house from the inside out. She worked with Michael, Spirit, The Virgin Mary and the Jesus energy along with sage, salt, and water.

He was actually baptized by the Holy Spirit and was able to cross over as Jesus came and took him by the hand and led him away. It was one of the most amazing cleansings I had ever been a part of. He found his peace and I felt his peace and it had become a turning point in my life. As for the money….No, it was never found and we were just fine with that!

So, lessoned learned! Do not mess around with psychic tools, or anything that you do not understand or know anything about because you have no idea what can come through if you do not know how to protect yourself.

As for the board, it was put in a black box and buried in the yard. We have since moved from the house and the neighbors report no paranormal activity.


The first part of this article — Hauntings of the Ouija: Part I — was published on November 5th, 2015. 




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