Crystal Therapy: Three Crystals for Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful practice that can provide many benefits to our physical and mental well being. Before we get started in the crystals it is important to give a brief summary about what meditation is and is not, because there is a lot of confusion about the subject.

When I discuss the practice of meditation with my clients many of them express a level of frustration when it comes to the practice of meditation. There has been a lot of misinformation about how to “do” meditation in many religious and spiritual communities, and one of the biggest fallacies about meditation is that to meditate we need to have a completely clear mind or to stop thinking.

If you have held this particular viewpoint about meditation, and have found that you struggle with maintaining a practice of meditation then you have come to the right place. Meditation is NOT about freeing ourselves from our thoughts, it is about training ourselves to be more consciously aware of the thoughts that pass through our mind, and learning how to let them pass through without judgment.

There is a dynamic to the practice of meditation that is about observing or being aware of our clear minded states, but to attempt to struggle against thought can actually keep us from achieving the desired goal.

Meditation is about learning to observe that which is beyond the thinking dynamic of our brain. The practice of meditation is learning to observe those moment between our thoughts, and through this practice connecting with Consciousness itself. This is often referred to as our holy spirit, or cosmic consciousness, because these moments between our thoughts are the purest essence of who we are and are related to our connection to Source.

When we are able to access this space between thoughts we are actually access the most dynamic creative source within us. The goal is not length of accessing this space, but the quality of practice. For example, if you consider the big bang, the cosmic zero point moment that catalyzed our own existence it happened in an instant. This is the force that you are connecting to through the meditation practice, and if in an instant the universe could come into being with this great power, think of the profound impact a moment spent in the “zone” could have on any life experience.

In this blog I want to discuss a few crystals that can be used to assist in a practice of meditation. These crystals can assist no matter what skill level you have in your meditation practice.

  smokeyquartzSmoky Quartz as Crystals for Meditation

Smoky quartz is a very centering and grounding crystals. One of the dynamics of the dynamics that comes through in a practice of meditation is to recognize your connection to all that is, and the first step to this is to be in the here and now. In our spiritual evolution we are learning to be present, and it is in the present moment that we are able to access the creative source and shift our experience of life. This crystals can be used to assist in feeling into that connection with all that is around you, and increasing your ability to perceive those moments between your thoughts.


Amethyst as Crystals for Meditation

We have talked a lot about amethyst in our crystal therapy discussions, and it can be used for many different things. It can be a very powerful healing tool on our journey. Amethyst is the sobering stone, and increases our ability to be conscious of the moment. The use of amethyst can also slow down the rapid and repetitive thoughts that often challenge individuals in moving forward with a meditation practice.


Clear Quartz as Crystals for Meditation

Clear quartz is another very universal stone. This crystal can influence our ability to sense our connection with the infinite consciousness or God. This crystal can assist us in increasing our awareness of those moments between our thoughts, and connect us with that infinite and Divine intelligence.

There are many ways you can use crystals in your meditation practice. You can focus your attention on the crystal itself, and then allow your thoughts to pass through without judgment. Another strategy is to simply have them hear you, hold on to them, or wear them during your practice. Use whatever strategy that you feel most comfortable with on your meditation journey.

This is by no means a complete list of crystals for meditation, but they do represent a good place to start if you want to incorporate crystals into your meditation practice. One thing to remember about crystals is they respond to intention. They can certainly aid us in discovery and assist us in bringing about change, but the reality is that if we remain unwilling to change in certain areas of our lives the crystals themselves will have little effect.

Crystal energy is often subtle, but when someone aligns their intention with it through action it can create wonderful results. My prayer is that each person reading this article will find the strategies that work best for them to bring healing to themselves and therefore the planet.


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