Connecting with Spirits Using Dowsing Rods


dowsingrodDowsing rods have been around since the 15th century if not earlier. Like any other tool they are used for divination and answering questions. Dowsing rods are much like the pendulum (see pendulum) because the answers are in the form of Yes, NO, or “I don’t know”, depending on what you are asking.

For centuries, people did not know how dowsing rods or pendulums worked, they looked on these tools as satanic devices of the Devil. Yet they would use them to identify witches and burn them at the stake.

However, as we all know, the rods were used to condemn poor innocent women, which is why they later became almost obsolete, and brought back by desperate people looking for water. Water flows so it would be a natural conduit for picking up hidden energy sources.

Some believe that we unconsciously move the rods ourselves, and in the case of Witches condemnations. Others believe the rods move on their own because the rods are conductors for magnetic fields, water, and other elements and the interference is causing the rods to cross and uncross.

It’s the same when ghost hunting, the rods tap into a flow of energy source where ghosts or spirits reside within these fields, and draw on the energy to manifest themselves or send you messages through the rods. Because spirits are connected to these energy fields they could, in theory, manipulate the rods and respond to yes or no questions. dowsing rods

This method of picking up on spirits is a bit difficult and requires a bit of practice, same as with looking for water or other objects with dowsing rods. Traditionally dowsing rods come from a porous wood twig or hazel tree twig. However, most people agree it’s not so much the “tool” as the one holding the rod.

I personally prefer the copper dowsing rods, as I found them to be a powerful conduit into the spirit world. Also it takes concentration and even breathing to keep the copper rods still. As the rods get still, I get still. So it’s a great way to get into form, and open your mind for messages that will manifest through the rod.

If you suspect a spirit around you, or in your house or area, you can take the rods. If they open wide that means YES, if they cross, that means NO. You can ask if a spirit resides there, and the rods will give you the yes and no answer.

If you are just starting out and haven’t tried communicating with spirits using dowsing rods, I highly recommend you go slow. Don’t try to ask it too many questions as you may end up tired, nauseated and ready to sleep for 13 hours straight. This happens because the spirit is using YOUR energy as the “dowser” to communicate.

A pendulum can be an easier tool to use for divination, but there is a certain excitement to dowsing rods. They move with more power than the pendulum and answers just seem clearer.  Although I’m sure many pendulum users would disagree. Nevertheless, it’s easy to make the transition, particularly if a pendulum is your divination tool of choice.

So if you are feeling a spirit around or suspect something is there use a pair of copper dowsing rods to connect. Make sure they are Yes and No questions. Such as:

Are you male? Female? Adult? Child? Did you die of natural causes? Suicide? Murder? When you know something about the spirit you can ask it more direct yes and no questions.

You can also ask the spirit, what decade or century they died. For example: You can ask it if it died in 1800’s then wait for the dowsing rods to answer yes or no, if it answers no, go down the line of decades and centuries: Did you die in 1900’s? YES…Was it 1910, 1920 and so on until you figure out when the spirit may have died.





dowsing rod


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