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Astrology has many uses and can answer most any question one may have. One area of life that astrology can be quite helpful is gaining insight into what your chart shows you have an aptitude for career wise.

Most of my readings tend to involve questions about relationships. However, I have seen more and more people who want to know what their chart has to say about career.

Some just want to know when they will get a job, others want to know something deeper – what type of profession they should pursue.

I have gotten this question from young people who are in their second or third year of college and feel what they thought they wanted to do is not necessarily as fulfilling as they dreamed. Others are those in mid life or who have raised children and now want to focus on what their purpose may be.

The 10th house or midheaven of the chart is the career house. The sign on this cusp, ruler of this house by sign, what sign the ruler is in, aspects it makes and its house placement all factor into determining one’s career path. Planets in the 10th and close to the 10th cusp can also show what one may be drawn to. But, it goes further, as midpoints to the midheaven and its ruler can also be taken into account to draw a conclusion to what one may do as a vocation.

The Oriental planet is also important in determining career as this shows one’s approach to life itself. An Oriental planet is one which passes over the Ascendant or 1st house before the Sun. Mercury oriental can show one who may be involved in any work involving communication, Venus shows an artistic leaning or one where a partnership is paramount, Mars can show one with a strong drive or competitive nature – often Mars oriental is indicative of one who can champion someone else, they are the ultimate PR person and do well promoting another to prominence. The sign on the 6th house, its ruler, sign and house placement show how one may handle their work life.

Let’s look at a chart of someone who recently asked what their chart had to say about their career to see this in action. I have removed her name and birth data for privacy reasons:



The first thing we look at is the 10th house cusp, which has Sagittarius on it. We then follow the flow of the chart to determine career. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which we see placed in the 6th house in Virgo.

The 6th house can show a career of service to others, working with animals, or health care work. Jupiter in Virgo would also lend itself to health related work, but also work that would involve much detail, perhaps handling someone else’s books as an accountant.

Jupiter in Virgo leads us to Mercury, as this planet rules Virgo, and we see Mercury is in Leo in the 6th house. Again, showing us something 6th house related may be her calling. In Leo, it can show that there may be an element of working with children would be involved. Mercury in Leo leads us to the Sun in Cancer as the Sun rules the sign Leo.

The Sun is posited in the 5th house here which is the ruler of children. Wherever we find the Sun in one’s chart, is where they would shine – here, it may be with those younger than themselves. The Sun in Cancer may lend itself to nursing or careers that involve helping or taking care of others. The Sun then leads us to her Moon in Aquarius in the 12th as the sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The 12th house rules institutions, hospitals, and spiritual work.

The Moon leads us to Uranus in Capricorn in the 11th house then back to Saturn in Aquarius in the 11th, which has mutual reception (meaning that both are in each others sign) with Uranus. Mars is the oriental planet in this chart, and is in the 2nd house in Taurus. As described above, it can show someone who may be competitive in nature when it comes to their work.

Looking at this basic break down of her 10th house, we see that the indicators seem to be going in the same direction: a career where this person would do well working in an institution of some sort; behind the scenes or taking care of others in some capacity. Having Sagittarius on the 10th shows that this person would most likely start out in one career, but shift to something entirely different later in life.

I gave my assessment to my client who remarked that they were going to ask me if they would do well if they took courses to work towards becoming a corrections officer! While I feel they would do well in this type of career, they would not be doing this their entire life for the reason stated above. I told them that I felt they may do better working with young offenders due to the Sun and Leo placements in their chart. If they wanted to continue to be of service in this type of work, they could always segue towards perhaps working as a parole officer due to the nature of Jupiter in Virgo. Sagittarius rules the law, so it doesn’t surprise me that this individual wants to be involved in this area of work.

Looking at their transits and progressions, transiting Saturn will be in their 9th house, which rules higher education for almost the next 18 months. I told them that this can show them getting serious about taking up courses to move towards this occupation. Further, when Saturn conjoins their midheaven or 10th house cusp, this would be when they could see rewards for their efforts and start their career.

In their progressed chart, their secondary progressed Moon is right on their 10th house cusp, which brings a focus and emphasis to matters of that house. This shows that career is in the forefront right now and that they need to take action. In their Solar Arc directed chart, their solar arc midheaven is with their natal Neptune, ruler of their ascendant or 1st house.

One’s chart is never static: it continues to evolve, showing the astrologer where one may be in their life at any given point. With their career house coming to the ruler of their ascendant, which represents them in the chart, by solar arc, it shows that this area of life will undergo change and be their main focus. Solar Arc Moon is opposing their natal Jupiter, ruler of their 10th house of career – again, showing that getting this area of their life in order is what is needed.

I told them that within the next 17 months they would most likely be able to find themselves in corrections due to the progressed Moon moving to aspect their natal Jupiter, ruler of the 10th in 17 degrees. At that same time, transiting Pluto will have joined in to aspect their 10th house progression as well as Saturn will as said above, be involved.

In predictive astrology, typically we will see a series of aspects start to line up and form between planets that can bring about an event. If this person starts on the path to the career they mentioned to me, they most likely will see these progressions and transits manifest!

Everyone’s chart shows what their soul purpose is. It doesn’t mean that they are following it when they come for a reading, but, more often than not, when I am asked about what their chart says that they should be doing career wise, I can hone in on something they may have wanted to do, but weren’t sure they could succeed at, or something they have always loved but didn’t know how to turn into a career.

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