Ask a Psychic: Will I Reunite With My Ex?


This week’s question comes from woman (whom we’ll call Teresa) whose boyfriend broke up with her during the most recent Mercury retrograde.

She knows enough about astrology to know that things can go haywire during a Mercury retrograde, but probably doesn’t know enough about it to have understood that there were far bigger transits at work during this period, namely Saturn and Pluto transits.

She says she was blind-sided and didn’t see this coming. She’s wondering whether there is a chance for reconciliation and if so when.

Teresa provided birth information for both herself and her ex (whom we’ll call Steven.) Although she didn’t supply much more information, the natal charts say quite a bit about them, as do the cards.

This week Melodie takes a look at her concerns with a three tarot card spread using the beautiful Mary El Tarot as well the birth information that was supplied with her question.

Here it is:

Hi there Teresa and thanks contacting me. I looked at both your charts and the tarot for you regarding your questions. Starting with your charts, I can see why you came together in the first place as there are several astrological connections between the two of you and most of them very positive.

For example, Steven’s North Node is exactly on your Jupiter, his Sun is exactly on your Moon, his Uranus is 1 degree away from your Mars and his Moon / Venus conjunction is about 2 degrees away from your North Node.

All of these connections (save for the Mars / Uranus contact which is somewhat generational) are indicators that the two of you came together for a reason and that for the most part this is a very harmonious connection. I don’t know if this was initially work-related (as some of these connections take place in professional houses and his Mercury is also exactly on your Midheaven), but I do know there is a sort of theme here — between the charts and the cards — of ‘work’ which can mean that the two of you came together to work through some past life karma.

In fact I would say some of these connections are karmic in nature, particularly the Node connections.

But looking at your transits, I can also see why things came to a halt when they did. While you may have been focusing on the Mercury retrograde, I can see in your charts major Saturn transits (squaring his Sun and your Moon over the last couple weeks) and Pluto squaring his Venus.

These square aspects are difficult — they produce crises and in this case it happened to very important relationship planets (your Moon and his Venus).

As for the tarot — I did a a three card spread using the Mary-el Tarot as mentioned above. Here are those three cards.


Looking at them in order as you (Page of Cups), your ex (Nine of Swords) and the outcome (Three of Pentacles), I feel that there is hope here as long as you’re willing to look at the bigger picture and your ex is willing to move past his fears.

I’m not surprised that you were blind-sided by this breakup. My first impression looking at the Page of Cups was that you weren’t really seeing what was going on around you. See how the Page’s back is turned away and how the “signs” that would be readily apparent to anyone else are hidden from her view?

I feel this card says there was a combination of naivety and denial going on for you at that time that made it impossible for you to see the signs.

Moving onto Steven, he shows up here as the Nine of Swords. This is traditionally a “fear” card, and I feel certain in looking at his chart that there is some of that. But in this version of the card it’s hard to ignore the references to a need to answer to a higher calling. You see the tiny figure making his way toward the kingdom in this card? He may have been responding to the sense that there is a great big unexplored world out there and an urgency to explore it.

There’s a lot of symbolism in this card. From the black and white towers (competing urges) to the crashing waves (being overwhelmed by emotions) to the Hathor / Horus images overseeing it all. But the key here is seen in that tiny figure in the center. He’s not moving toward you, he’s moving away.

The outcome card — Three of Pentacles — is traditionally associated with putting your heads together and focusing on work. Working on your relationship? Working things out? Working together to create something new? Notice the infant in the card: it’s a creation of both mother and father, an equal part of both.

I do feel that the two of you can work things out. But you asked “when is the best time?” which made me wonder if you feel that this is something you have to instigate yourself. I absolutely feel that this is the wrong approach for you in this situation. Please check out my articles Why He Pulled Away and The Waiting Game, as they each offer different types of insights into the reasons for that.

As Steven is already showing up here as overcome by the enormity of your feelings (whether you expressed those openly or not, it doesn’t matter: this is about his perception), the last thing you want to do is give him more of the same. More of the very thing that caused him to withdraw in the first place.

I do think you will have the opportunity to reconnect and at least talk about where things could go nearer the end of July. But I think it needs to come from him, so you want to shake off any sense of urgency or desire to reach out and try to fix things right now, as that will almost certainly slow things down.

I wish you all the best!


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The cards used for this reading come from the gorgeous The Mary-el Tarot by Marie White, published by Schiffer Publishing.

Used by generous permission. Original art, as well as full-sized prints, are also available on her website.

Please check out and “like” this deck’s Facebook Fan page. 

Thank you Marie!






3 comments on “Ask a Psychic: Will I Reunite With My Ex?

  1. Avatar

    What interests me is why the end of July would be a better time to reconnect than right now. Does that have to do with the upcoming Venus retrograde? What are the chances of reconciliation after a Pluto transit in Venus? How long does a Pluto transit usually take?

    1. Melodie

      Hi Teresa that has to do with certain transits in your charts.. it also has to do with the fact that he is showing up in the cards as pulled away / withdrawn. It takes time to rebalance that energy. It’s not specifically tied to the Venus rx, but yes that is a factor. Pluto transits can take a long long time… it’s the slowest moving planet from our perspective and in this case, it’s moving back and forth across his Venus for several more months.

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