Free Animal Wisdom Tarot Reading: Results

As promised — here are the results for the Free Animal Wisdom Card reading posted on May 13th.

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The results for this month’s 12 cards are posted below.

These cards reveal your specific message for the May New Moon — at 26° Taurus 55′ — that occurs on Monday May 18, 2015, at 12:13 am (Eastern time).

We’ll do this again next month, prior to the Gemini New Moon on June 16th.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “An Old Indian Woman Selling The Artifacts Of Her Tribe To Passers-by.” It refers to the need for balance between adapting to collective needs and honoring your cultural heritage. It speaks of recognizing the value of your gifts as they are passed on to others.

The following 12 cards come from the gorgeous Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke and Ola Liola.

Here are the interpretations for each of the positions, starting with card 1:


Card 1 — Horse: This is going to be a period of newfound freedom and liberation for you. It may feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and been replaced with wings to fly.

The Horse — Spirit of Freedom in this deck — has taken flight and is balanced between the Sun and Moon — which is in turn associated with day and night, or will and intuition.

This card refers to harnessing your inner reserves of strength and power. But there’s also emphasis here on emancipation, a reference to being freed from the chains that bind you.

The star branded onto the Horse’s flank is known as a Merkabah, a reference to the Universal life force that’s a part of all of us. It’s a reminder of the magic and mystery that is a part of this archetype.

Notice the intricate designs that are imprinted on the Horses’ wings and which link him to both the Sun and Moon. His connection to both the inner and outer worlds are an important feature for gaining control of his destiny.

You are on the verge of a brand new cycle, during which time you should feel your spirits are lifting as you ascend to higher realms. You’ll still have to work on harnessing your baser instincts, but know that in doing so your ultimate goals are much closer to your reach.



Card 2 — Whale: This period is going to be about seeing your past, present and future all come together.

Are you in the process of tying up loose ends in one area of your life? If it’s an area that’s been holding you back, you can use this time to get an overview of how whatever obstacles you’ve faced have led you to where you are today.

As an animal totem, the Whale represents an awareness of your surroundings and the world around you as well as a deep connection to universal themes and associations.

You may be noticing small synchronicities or seemingly random events that are later revealed to you to have far deeper meanings. You may also be more profoundly aware of your connections to others — not just those in your inner circle, but to humanity at large.

Think about what impact you’re making on the world around you. It’s one thing to be a mouthpiece, and quite another to put your entire being into making a difference.

Keep in mind that all of your actions have karmic repercussions. Just as you’re now reaping karma that has been sewn over your lifetime up to now, so too will you reap the karma you sew now when this cycle is complete.



Card 3 — Cat: This cycle will be all about exploring the intricate workings of your psyche and tapping into your own inner wisdom.

The Cat  — called the “Knower or Secrets” in this deck — is tied to instinct, intuition and mystery. It provides access to hidden realms of awareness that you might not even have be aware you possessed.

It refers to seeking guidance from within and heeding your own inner voice. It encourages you to pay attention to your dreams, visions and perceptions. It opens you up to flashes of insight that seem to come from out of nowhere.

Notice the sacred manuscript in one of the Cat’s elegant paws. And note the crescent moon’s glow reflected in the shimmering pool. These are both symbols of esoteric knowledge that is right there at your psychic fingertips.

You’ll have the ability during this cycle to tap into both the deepest regions of your consciousness to access the answers you seek. You may also be called upon to counsel others during this time, as your own psychic abilities will be heightened.

It’s a good idea to create a sacred space for yourself as you may require more quiet time and solitude. Use it to foster your intuition, heed your inner voice and develop your psychic impressions.



Card 4 — Swan: This cycle marks a period of taking stock of your life and looking at the actions and decisions that have led you who you are today.

The Swan card calls for self-evaluation and awareness, a need to develop enough spiritual altitude to look objectively at your mistakes and short-comings as well as your triumphs and victories.

It encourages you to choose your words wisely and compassionately, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and to communicate your needs in a soothing and comforting manner.

The Swan card — called the Angel of Alchemy in this deck — speaks of the ability to express unconditional love, to find beauty in everything, and to conduct ourselves with harmony and grace. As an animal totem, the Swan embodies all of these characteristics and then some. Like beauty. Elegance. Purity. Transcendence. And hope.

Notice how the Swan glides just inches above the water (feelings, emotions, the unconscious.) — not so far removed that it detaches completely, but not so close that it allows itself to become immersed.

This card encourages you to rise above the situations in your life that are pulling you down, without rising so high that you neglect them or fail to take advantage of opportunities to learn from them.


ibisCard 5 — Ibis: This cycle is going to be all about finding a middle ground between head and heart. It’s going to be about balancing intellect with emotion and logic with sensitivity.

The Ibis is linked mythologically with the Moon, and is also said to be associated with lunar magic. Notice the Ibis’ curved or crescent-shaped beak. This same curvature is repeated in both the Crescent Moon in the sky and the feather suspended just above her head.

The Ibis in this card looks braced for flight, but she’s clearly in a state of peaceful tranquility. Notice the perfectly balanced feather floating lightly above her head.

The Sun sets in the distance — or is it the other way around? The Sun very well may be rising as it casts its orange glow on the surface of the water.

Think about how these images might apply to you during this cycle. As the Ibis brings together two traditionally opposing forces, you might look at how you can balance these divergent energies.

You may be struggling with a decision that is based on logic and reason rather than intuition and emotion. But you can’t forsake one for the other, as the Ibis requires you to balance the two.



Card 6 — Raven: The Raven is called the “Messenger of Magic” in this deck and refers to the ability to harness the magic within to both send and receive important messages.

You want to be thinking about ways to tap into your own power during this cycle and unleashing your magic for the greater good. You also want to be thinking about the hand you’ve been dealt and what you can do to turn it to your advantage.

The Raven is a power animal associated with arcane knowledge and wisdom. He’s capable of bending time and space so that you’re exactly at the right place at the right time. He’s a shapeshifter and emissary who acts a harbinger of things to come, carrying messages from the other side.

Notice how the Raven’s reflection in this card is a wizard peering up from the depths below. And notice the single feather floating on the water’s surface and its inverse reflection, a nautilus shell. These are both symbols of mystery and magic.

Think about the messages you’ve received in recent days and how they may have impacted on decisions you’ve made. The Raven tells you that you not only do have the power to alter your destiny but that you’ve had it all along.



Card 7 — Peacock: This cycle is going to be all about acknowledging your dreams and aspirations. You could be feeling a renewed sense of hope about a goal that’s starting to feel more reachable. Or you may be feeling inspired to explore your intuition and psychic impressions.

The Peacock is called “The Illuminator” in this deck. It is tied to inspiration, hope, harmony, faith and serenity.

Notice how the Peacock in this card gazes down at his own reflection on the surface of a tranquil sea. The Stars in the night sky are also reflected, and the Peacock’s tail feathers curve up to them and glow just as brightly. A tiny starfish glows just below the surface.

The Peacock represents a sense of rebirth and renewal as well. It serves as a welcome refuge or a beacon of hope. It’s important to also remember the healing and therapeutic properties of the Star.

You do want to steer clear of negativity during this cycle — yours and anyone else’s. This archetype is loaded with inspiration and can boost your psychic perceptions. But the flip side of energy is a tendency to absorb everything around you like a sponge.

Focus on what’s right in your world now rather than what could possibly go wrong. if you can do that you’re bound to come out on top.



Card 8– Donkey: This card indicates a need to rethink what you value, especially when it comes to your own sense of self-worth. You may be dealing with financial problems during this cycle and feeling overwhelmed by unexpected bouts of adversity.

The Donkey in this card appears to be carrying quite a heavy load. He’s trudging through the snow — alone — with all of his worldly possessions on his back. But look at the stars in the night sky and especially the one bright star directly above him.

Notice how it shines through the fossils on his back and creates a prism of beautiful colors, which glow all around him. He may be so caught up in the burden that he carries that he doesn’t even see it — which is one of the most important lessons associated with this card.

You may be feeling vulnerable and exposed under your current circumstances. You may feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and doing it all on your own. And you may be afraid to ask for help, especially if you’re sensitive to being watched or judged.

But the message for you this cycle is to work on overcoming those fears. You want to recapture that inner beauty that glows all around you, even when you’re the last one to see it.



 Card 9 — Polar Bear: This period is going to be all about home, family and security, as well as getting some much needed clarity about your emotions.

Where do you fit in and where do you feel most at home? These are questions you’ll be asking yourself during this cycle, courtesy of the Polar Bear animal totem.

The Polar Bear has adapted beautifully to his environment. He’s strong and competent, yet light-footed enough to trek comfortably over terrain that could be hostile to others.

Notice the crystals that are forming on the snow, the ice and in the sky above. There are symbols of clarity throughout the imagery of this card, and even glistening on the Polar Bear’s fur.

The vibrant colors in the Aurora Borealis overhead and the glowing conch shell below provide a virtual rainbow of expression and experience to the Polar Bear’s world.

Think about ways that you can translate what you’re feeling into experiences you can share with loved ones.Your environment — that place you’re most comfortable and where you feel most complete — comes to life as you devote yourself to fostering your relationships with those you consider your family.



Card 10 — Lion: During this period you’re going to be challenged to set aside your fears and inhibitions, while allowing yourself to be open to the many blessings that the Universe has in store for you.

The Lion card is all about on embracing passion and desire rather than attempting to restrain it. It’s a card of joy, exuberance and trust: notice the woman in the card is completely at ease with the lion at her side, and has even been able to tame it. The flowers in the Lion’s mane suggests a graceful dignity that’s been there all along.

This is a reference to taming your own “inner beast” but that doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of your passion. It’s about meeting your fears head on and then transforming them by neutralizing the power they hold over you.

This period marks a time of letting go of your inhibitions and learning to lead with your heart. Putting yourself on the line, saying what you mean and expressing what feel all without fear of reprisal.

The passionate aspects of this card are not limited to those of a sexual or even physical nature. It’s all about letting go of fears and inhibitions and allowing yourself to fully embrace life in all of its splendor and glory.



Card 11 — Hummingbird: You may be feeling a lot more sociable during this cycle. While it may not be exactly a popularity contest, you’re bound to be seen as someone that people want to know and get close to.

At the same time you could have so many opportunities that it’s hard to spend too much time focusing on any one relationship or connection. Like the Hummingbird in this card you might be surprised to see yourself flitting from one social engagement to another.

The Hummingbird can manifest for you as some sort of professional recognition. That’s because all of the work and preparation you’ve been putting in over the last several months. And whether it happens now or it happens for you months down the road, remember that it’s always a process and not an event.

As colorful and vibrant as the Hummingbird and flowers are in the foreground, you almost don’t notice the fireworks in the background. It tells you that there’s cause for celebration and you might as well enjoy it, even if you’re not quite where you want to be just yet.

Don’t shy away from celebrating your achievements with others. Even if it feels premature at this stage know that you’re well on your way and that the fun doesn’t have to stop once you reach your goals.


Card 12 — Rabbit: animal-wisdom-rabbitThe Rabbit card is called the “Moon Dreamer” in this deck. It is tied to the Moon card and refers to mystery and the unknown, all that is hidden and that lies beneath the surface.

This is the realm of the unconscious: that which is churning beneath your awareness and which often translates externally as anxieties, insecurities and fears. But it’s also linked with dreams, fantasies, and the fertile realm of the imagination which can translate into incredible bursts of ingenuity.

You may be feeling less sociable during this period, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to feel alone. You may have more going on in that head of yours — more creativity, inspiration and lunar magic — than you know what to do with.

Use this time to get in touch with your feelings. Don’t shy away from them because they are uncertain or confusing. You may trip yourself up if you look to the Moon for clarity (as the Rabbit seems to be doing in this card) which can distort the message it brings.

It can manifest as confusion, uncertainty or paranoia — especially when we try to analyze it logically, which is foreign to the realm of the Moon. Just as we can’t fully appreciate the beauty of the Moon in the light of day (consciousness), we struggle to grasp its archetypal meaning through the lens of logic or reason.





The cards used for this month’s Pick a Card reading come from the beautiful Animal Wisdom Tarot.

This deck was created by Dawn Brunke and Ola Liola and is published by CiCo Books

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Used by generous permission.






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