Quiet Sound

quiet-sound-tn Hello and Welcome! My name is Terry.

Do you need answers? I am a professional psychic who is able to help guide you regarding love and relationships.

I can help you unscramble the confusion in your life or someone else’s.

I am able to hear the voices of spiritual guides and angels who relay messages about you and your love and relationship situations to me.

I am able to tell you what someone feels about you as well as initials of new loves coming into your life and when. I am a no nonsense reader who tells it like it is.

I have helped guide thousands of people with every aspect of their life journey. Having more than 30 years of professional experience; I have offered my services online as Quiet Sound for many years.

I am very proud and honored to be able to offer my services here on “Psychic Scoop”. Using my gifts and talents are both a joy and a pleasure for me.

I work just as hard for you whether you’re one of my existing clients or a brand new one.

I am able to provide insight into many areas, including lost loves, relationships, career, finances, family matters and more.

If you would like some good old fashioned honesty, then pay me a visit.

Please give me the opportunity to serve you this day.

**Please keep in mind that readings are meant for people that are age 18 and older and are for entertainment purposes only.   Time lines given in any reading are estimated and are not exact timing.  No reading is etched in stone as we have the ability to change the outcome of any reading by simply doing or not doing what you are suppose to do or advised to do.  I do not answer questions having to do with pregnancies, health, or anything concerning the law.**

***I offer 15 min readings and other services on my website




I am available for live chat or phone sessions on this site. If you do not see me live, please feel free to email me to schedule an appointment.  If you plan on using Skype as your method of reading please do not Skype me without an appointment as I may be busy with another client. You can also visit my personal website Readings By Terry for more services available to the general public. I do offer 15 min chat readings through my site for $30 and all sorts of picture readings and email readings by they are available on my site at Readings By Terry

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