Psychic Scoop Advisors

Ms Yvonne


Ms. Yvonne I am an empathic reader with over 25 years’ experience. I work with tarot, angel cards, the pendulum and other tools, as well as my intuitive abilities.



Pat I am a natural medium and channel who uses claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience in all my sessions. I am also fully versed in both Spanish and English.



Psychic Safina I am a Psychic Visionary, Astrologer, Tarot Master and author of “Tarot Boot Camp.” I combine astrology and tarot with my own psychic visions.

Phoebe Rosa


Phoebe RoseI am a second-generation astrologer, a natural empath and a life-long student. At this time I am only offering email readings.

Psychic Jen


Psychic Jen I am a Spiritual Advisor with 20 years’ experience. I connect with loved ones who’ve crossed over. I work with tarot, candles amulets and talismans.

Genuine Guidance


Genuine Guidance I am an astrologer who works with tarot and the Lenormand. I have an extensive background in astrology and other metaphysical disciplines.



Willow As a natural empath and healer, I offer intuitive coaching to help my clients explore their own intuitive abilities, in order to navigate problems and find new solutions.

Quiet Sound


Quiet Sound I am a professional psychic who is able to help guide you in love and relationships. I can help you unscramble the confusion in your life or in someone else’s.



Cristina I am a 5th-generation psychic, light-worker and best-selling author. I am also a master Tarot Reader, practicing tarot and metaphysics for over 40 years.

Psychic Aura


Psychic Aura I am a psychologist, relationship coach and Past Lives Therapist with certifications in Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Theta Healing and Counselling.



Chrisalis I am an international psychic and clairvoyant with qualifications in Reiki, massage, aromatherapy, life coaching, NLP, astrology and tarot.



Melodie I’m a relationship counselor with a background in psychology. I’m also an astrologer who works with numerology, tarot, the ennegram and Jungian dream analysis.

Hello and Welcome to the Psychic Scoop!

small-crystalAll of the advisors listed above have been hand-selected for honesty, accuracy, experience and professionalism. They are all independent professionals who bring a wide array of expertise to their work.

To consult with any of the advisors listed on this page, click on their photo or status buttons to be directed to their featured listing page (where you will also find more information on the skills they offer).

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