Weekly Astrology Forecast — Mar 19, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Mar 19, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018:

This week we’ve got a lot going on, with one planet (the Sun) changing signs, one planet (Mercury) turning retrograde, an asteroid (Ceres) turning direct, and several tense aspects involving personal planets.

The asteroid Ceres has been retrograde since mid-December, but turns direct on Monday, As Ceres is s tied to abundance, gain and prosperity, there should be greater opportunities to attract these into your life. With Ceres in Leo — the sign associated with personality, creativity and self-expression —  consider ways to put your best foot forward during this time.

On Tuesday, the Sun moves into Aries — marking onset of the Vernal Equinox and the first day of Spring. This is true for those in the Northern Hemisphere. For those in Southern latitudes it’s exactly the opposite, ie the Autumnal Equinox and the first day of Fall.

The Sun is dignified in Aries — the sign of its exaltation. As the Sun moves into Aries and across the vernal point, It signals a time to come alive and see the world through brand new eyes. It’s a time for embracing life fully, without fear or trepidation.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury conjuncts Venus. This aspect, in warm, dynamic, instinctual Aries, focuses its energy toward relationship issues. It adds a layer of passion and depth to interpersonal communications, and may see you revealing more about yourself (and your feelings and intentions) than you had planned on.

The Moon moves into Taurus — where it is exalted — on Wednesday, and makes several favorable aspects (to Mars, Saturn and Neptune) before the day is through. The Moon in Taurus is earthy, sensuous and solid. It’s calm and practical, and can be slow-moving or overly cautious. It prefers to savor meaningful experiences, much like someone would savor a meal or a bottle of fine wine.

The Moon trines Pluto and opposes Jupiter on Thursday, before moving into Gemini (around sunrise). Most of these aspects to the Taurus Moon are favorable (and the ones that aren’t are still not bad), making this a good day to lounge around the house, listening to music, baking, decorating, and — depending on where in the world you are located — landscaping and gardening. These are all Taurus Moon activities, with the idea of comfort, luxury, and getting in touch with nature and the earth being the corresponding theme.

Mercury goes stationary retrograde on Friday, as it does a few times every year. As always we want to be ready to roll with the punches as far as making plans and developing expectations.When Mercury goes retrograde, Mercury-ruled things naturally start to go a little haywire.

Communications tend to run amok, plans get turned on their head, communications devices (computers, electronics, cell-phones, etc) and written communications (emails, texts, letters, etc.) get lost or misconstrued. It’s not a good time to sign contracts or legal documents and not a good time to purchase Mercury-ruled items (automobiles, televisions, computers and so on). Even with Mercury in Aries (where it’s the esoteric ruler), sometimes the best course of action with Mercury retrograde is inaction. And so it’s fitting that the Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “Two prim spinsters sitting together in silence.”

Also on Friday, Venus squares Pluto. Venus is debilitated in Aries (the sign of its fall) and Pluto is currently conjuncting its own South Node. The Venus / Pluto square can manifests as conflicts and confrontations in your relationships.Problems that have been simmering beneath the surface can come to a head and force you to confront your relationship problems head on.

This is not the time to deliver an ultimatum or back someone into a corner. This transit can lead to actions and decisions that can’t be taken back later. Choose your relationship battles wisely during this time — or better yet, just choose not to do battle at all.

There isn’t a lot of research on the Pluto / South Node conjunction, as this is a rare occurrence (happening only every 248 yrs). And because Pluto orbital period is so long, it’s an ongoing transit that will span several months (and has been in place — by orb) for the last several months. Still it’s worth noting that this transit coincides with a great deal of political (Capricorn) upheaval (Pluto) in our world.

The Nodes are karmic in nature, with the South Node representing past-life (reaping what we sew) karma. As Pluto is the planet of “mass destruction” — among other things, this transit is one to watch, as it is relevant to our times.

The Moon enters her first-quarter phase on Saturday, just as the Sun squares Mars. This turns the square aspect between Sun and Moon (that automatically occurs when the Moon reaches 1st quarter phase) into a t-square with Mars, with the Sun at the apex. Even though all three of these bodies are dignified (with both the Sun and Mars exalted and the Moon in Cancer, the sign it rules). this is an intense and somewhat volatile aspect.

The Sun / Mars portion of this aspect can be tempestuous, especially as Mars is currently out of bounds. Mars represents action, energy and drive — all commendable traits. But pit it against the Sun (ego, will, personal expression) and it can bring out the less savory Martian impulses, like anger, aggression and impatience.

As Moon transits are fleeting, these transits will probably only produce short-lived effects. But because we’re talking about Mars squaring both the  Sun and Moon, those effects may still be explosive. It can manifest as irrational outbursts or forceful emotional displays. You may find yourself dealing with a temperamental loved one, or you could encounter a few impatient, angry or aggressive motorists if you choose to venture out.

On Sunday, Venus inconjuncts Jupiter. This aspect can see you having a hard time establishing boundaries, especially with respect to personal indulgences. When is enough, or when is it too much? This is what you’ll have to be asking yourself during this transit — especially with both of these planets still aspecting Pluto.

The square between Pluto and Venus (that was exact on Friday) can produce tension and frustration, but the sextile involving Pluto and Jupiter can mitigate some of that energy and hopefully get you and those you have conflicts with back on the same page.


That’s it for this week; see you next week!


Here’s this week’s Astro Calendar. Click on it to view it full-sized.


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Weekly Astrology Forecast

Mar 19, 2018 – Mar 25, 2018

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