Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jun 25, 2017 – Jul 1, 2017:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Jun 25, 2017 – Jul 1, 2017:

This week starts with a square between Mars (in Cancer) and Jupiter (in Libra) on Sunday. This aspect can be problematic. It’s loaded with blustery bravado that can see you biting off way more than you can chew or promising way more than you can deliver.

The good news is that it has both the confidence and energy to get things done. But it can be overly confident, which is where problems can arise. This transit can be rambunctious and irascible, and can have you saying or doing things you might later regret.

This is especially important as the Moon — also in Cancer and still in New phase — opposes Pluto later in the day and can manifest as intense anger, suspicion or paranoia. If you feel the need to “blow off steam” take a deep breath and count to 10.

On Monday, Mars trines Neptune, which is currently retrograde in Pisces. This is a very creative pairing that can see you exploring your artistic or musical sensibilities. You may also find that your intuition and psychic perceptions are off the charts. This aspect can see you tuned into the music of the spheres like never before.

Mars and Neptune in trine (120° aspect) reminds you that you are one with the Universe and everyone in it. It’s creative, compassionate and benevolent. It can inspire you to put your own needs aside and to become a more better person.

Moving on to Tuesday, Mercury squares Jupiter, which can manifest as a tendency to want to overdo things — as in over-committing, over-indulging and over-extending yourself. Be careful not to make promises you can’t keep or annoy others with your outlandish ideas.

With these two planets (which rule opposing signs) in hard aspect to one another, the potential for them to be at war is indicated. With Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra, the potential for dealing with over-reactions and hurt feelings is strong. This is a hard aspect that brings with it the potential for biting off more than you can chew and finding yourself in hot water as a result.

On Wednesday, Mercury conjuncts Mars and trines Neptune. Emotions are high, as are impatience and impulsivity. You want to think before you speak, especially if speaking turns into lashing out at others. The Mercury / Mars conjunction is fleeting and will pass in a matter of days, so think about what might be said that you won’t be able to take back later.

This aspect can also manifest as carelessness and recklessness. This is an accident-prone transit which can be minor (small cuts, burns, bruises, etc.) or major (automobile accidents, fires and physical violence). Do what you can to release any tension in the safety of your home — or gym — so that it doesn’t come at you from the outside.

The Mercury / Neptune trine aspect is both idealistic and visionary. It provides unparalleled access to the collective unconscious. You may find yourself experiencing profound psychic insights or instances of synchronicity and deja vu. Together these transits complement one another, especially in the realm of personal relationships.

Mercury next moves into opposition with Pluto, which is exact on Friday. This transit can be willful and rebellious, so be mindful of loved ones’ need to be themselves. Power struggles, harsh words and trust issues are all indicated here. This is not the time to try to force someone into a specific role or exert your own expectations on others.

On Saturday, Venus squares the Nodes and Chiron turns stationary retrograde. Starting with the Venus / Nodes square, this is at what’s known in classical astrology as “at the bendings.” This is what a planet in exact square to the North and South Nodes is called, and refers to a period of crisis with emphasis on the concept of fate.

As Venus represents romance and relationships (among other things, such as money, personal values and beauty / aesthetics) this can translate as problems identifying with these areas.

It can also manifest as feeling backed into a corner in relationship or being forced to choose between love and something (or someone) else. Feeling like it’s time to update your wardrobe, hair, fashion sense or psychical appearance. Being dissatisfied with what you have going in there areas, with the understanding that you need to make changes.

Chiron turning retrograde can see us looking at how some of our own life experiences — including those that have brought us pain — have led us to express more kindness, compassion and understanding toward others.

This is a time of turning inward and accessing previously undiscovered gifts. Often it’s those experiences that have broken us down that lend themselves to our greatest strengths. The retrograde encourages us to look within and to break through some of the traumas that have been holding us back.

Over the next 5 months (while Chiron is retrograde) you may encounter people for whom you turn out to be the best facilitator for their spiritual growth. But the “Physician Heal Thyself” axiom also applies here. It is through helping others that you’re most likely to uncover the solutions to many of your own most pressing problems.


That’s it for now. See you next week!

Here’s this week’s Astro Calendar. Click on it to view it full-sized.


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Weekly Astrology Forecast

Jun 25, 2017 – Jul 1, 2017:

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