Weekly Astrology Forecast — Jul 16, 2018 – Jul 22, 2018:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Jul 16, 2018 – Jul 22, 2018:

Things get up close and personal this week, starting on Monday, with several inconjunct (150 degree) aspects. Inconjuncts require us to make adjustments and to find a middle ground between very dissimilar energies. In this case it involves the three inner (or personal) planets — the Moon, Mercury and Venus, and their relationships with Chiron, Pluto and Mars.

The Moon / Chiron aspect — while fleeting — can manifest as an uncomfortable awareness of what’s lacking in your life. It can illuminate (the Moon) feelings of loneliness and emptiness, and require you to find ways to fulfill your own needs. As with all inconjunct aspects, the key to rebalancing this energy is adjusting your own perceptions and adapting your own approach.

The Mercury / Pluto inconjunct makes it difficult to keep intrusive thoughts at bay. This also goes for the people in your life, who may seem defensive, obsessive or paranoid during this time. Mercury / Pluto is excellent for ferreting out hidden information, but you may need to adjust your dial.

The Venus / Mars inconjunct encourages you to think about how much you’re giving (Venus) and how much you’re taking (Mars). Or rather how much you’re getting back in return. Hidden resentments will have to be addressed and you’ll have to figure out a way to bring these energies back into balance.

Mars conjuncts the South Node (simultaneously opposing the North Node) on Wednesday. This aspect encourages you to be mindful of your actions (and your reactions) as the South Node is tied to karmic events and repercussions. This transit is also determining your role in group interactions. Remember that there needs to be a good balance between give and take: don’t try to force your views on others, or you could wind up alienating them.

Remember that Mars is retrograde, and its counterpoint — Venus — will turn retrograde itself later in the year. As a results, relationships of all kinds are likely to be most affected. Mars retrograde transits can be increasingly frustrating, with the potential for misplaced aggression or anger to abound.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are relatively uneventful (as far as exact astrological aspects are concerned.  But that doesn’t mean “nothing happens.” There are numerous major transits in play, several of them within very close orb. And with five planets in retrograde motion, there’s a lot of focus on dealing with unfinished business and tying up loose ends.

The Moon moves into first quarter square — also on Thursday — and then immediately goes void of course. The void of course Moon can see you feeling aimless or adrift in a sea of uncertainty, but it’s only void for a few hours, until it moves into Scorpio, early Friday morning.

The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio (the sign of its Fall), but it makes several relatively pleasant aspects over the next couple days. It trines Jupiter and Neptune on Saturday (creating a somewhat loose grand water trine) and then sextiles Pluto and trines the Sun on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, the Sun moves into warm, confident, dignified Leo, just as Venus sextiles Jupiter. The Sun is right at home in Leo, the sign it rules. It can remind you to focus on the more positive aspects of this archetype. Things like honor, integrity, dignity and self expression. Use this time to show the rest of the world what you’re made of, but remember the importance of kindness and humility while you’re at it.

The Venus / Jupiter sextile one of the most peaceful and pleasant aspects we could hope for.  It’s a sweet, sensitive, gentle transit that can throw you into sugar overload.  But it’s also conciliatory. it brings these two planets — known as the lesser and greater benefics — to a consensus. It can go a long ways toward smoothing over disappointments and hurt feelings, making everyone feel included.

This set of transits can help to end the week on a more pleasant and relaxing note. And that may be just what is needed; as we’re headed for a lot more intense (and potentially volatile) set of transits, starting early next week.





That’s it for this week; see you next week!


Here’s this week’s Astro Calendar. Click on it to view it full-sized.


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Weekly Astrology Forecast

Jul 16, 2018 – Jul 22, 2018

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