Weekly Astrology Forecast — Aug 13, 2018 – Aug 19, 2018:

Weekly Astrology Forecast

Here is the Psychic Scoop Weekly Astrology Forecast for the week of Aug 13, 2018 – Aug 19, 2018:

We start the week on Monday with Mars retrograding back into Capricorn, where it will remain for the next three weeks, during which time it turns direct before re-entering Aquarius. Mars has been retrograde since the end of June and will turn direct again on August 28th, but won’t cross its shadow-point until October 10th.

Mars is dignified in Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. As Mars refers to what we’re passionate about as well as what we’re instinctively compelled to do, this transit emphasizes the Capricorn inclinations toward tradition, ambition and success, qualities which are generally earned through hard work and overtime.

Keeping in mind that Mars is still retrograde, this is a good time to reassess your goals and ambitions. It’s a good time to re-evaluate worldly ambitions and fine-tune your public persona. It’s a good time to streamline your wardrobe, your material possessions and your debts. It’s also good for taking stock of and clearing out all the junk and the dead wood around you, so that you can focus on living a more simplistic, disciplined and orderly life.

There’s still time to catch the Perseid meteor showers, which peak late Monday night and early into Tuesday. Because the Moon still New, this is an optimal time to see them.

Although there aren’t many exact transits for most of the rest of the week, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening. There are still five planets in dignity (the Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Neptune) and six planets retrograde: seven if you count Chiron. Mars is still out of bounds, and Pluto is still besieged by Saturn and Mars.

On Saturday, Mercury sextiles Venus. This configuration is relatively common, since Mercury and Venus are always close to one another along the ecliptic. As Mercury is the planet associated with words, ideas, and the exchange of information, and Venus is the planet associated with fairness and cooperation, bringing them together in a harmonious (sextile) aspect can make for some very pleasant conversations.

In general this transit is about being in touch with your feelings enough to put them into words, and it’s about wanting to express what you feel openly and honestly. The Mercury retrograde portion of this aspect can see you taking a trip down memory lane, or feeling the urge to reach out and touch someone from your past.

This transit works well in the social signs of Leo and Libra. It marks a time for getting in touch with your softer, gentler side. It’s the time for seeing the beauty all around you — in nature, in the music and the arts, and in friends, loved ones and strangers. Let your imagination take flight and open your heart to those who may need little more than a kind word or a shoulder to lean on..

This theme continues on Sunday when Jupiter and Neptune complete their trine. This is a recurrence of an earlier trine (back in May) when Jupiter was still retrograde. This aspect may lead you down a spiritual path or see you pursuing a higher calling, especially with the Moon joining in as well.

The Jupiter / Neptune trine is known for being generous, benevolent and altruistic. This is a time for putting your trust in the Universe and cooperating with the powers that be. It’s good for engaging in creative, spiritual or even magical pursuits and is excellent for offering up your intentions to the Universe and trusting that they will be fulfilled.

Also on Sunday, Mercury turns direct at 11 Leo 31. After having been retrograde for the past few weeks, this change in direction can be a welcome relief. But it will take some time (until September 2nd) to cross its shadow point and fully leave the retrograde behind. Because it’s in Leo, the sign associated with creativity and self-expression, marks a time for expressing your feelings for others without hesitation or fear.

Remember that Mercury in warm, expressive, benevolent Leo wants to impress. It wants to communicate through words and through grand and extravagant gestures.


That’s it for this week; see you next week!

Here’s this week’s Astro Calendar. Click on it to view it full-sized.


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Weekly Astrology Forecast

Aug 13, 2018 – Aug 19, 2018

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