Ask a Psychic: Is it Time to Move On?

This week’s question comes from a woman who was blind-sided when her live-in boyfriend pulled the plug on their relationship on the eve of their engagement.

She’s since moved out into her own place a few miles away — taking their dog with her, which is one thing that has kept the two of them in ongoing contact as they’re sharing custody for now.

She feels like her life is in limbo, despite having made new friends and gotten involved in different community events as well having taken steps to disconnect emotionally.

But it’s been hard for her as the ongoing contact makes it difficult for her to detach completely. In the meantime, she’s considering moving back to her hometown where she has a large support network of family and friends.

But she worries that doing so will ruin any chances for reconciliation, which she still desires. She wonders if their relationship is really over and if it’s time to move on.

This week Cristina takes a look at her question, using the gorgeous Mythic Tarot and a three-card tarot spread. Here’s her response:

Blessings and, thank you for submitting your question.

The following reading consists of three cards which I pulled randomly from the deck; after careful consideration of your situation. Here are the cards that came up.

Seven of cups:

The character of the seven of cups is a dreamer, someone who has lots of choices but chooses to cling to one idea or feeling. It looks like you ex was simply too broken or had too many issues to deal with and couldn’t maintain the type of relationship you wanted.

This card shows me that at one point you will have to abandoned the dream of “what might have been” with guy and open yourself up to loving yourself enough not to allow this situation to hurt your overall health and well-being.

Taking classes and being with like-minded people in spiritual groups is a start and a good choice for you to heal. It may not feel like you are healing quick enough but it will help so keep that up. The dog you’ve chosen to take care is most likely filling a need for you. It’s good you rescued the dog because your ex has too many problems to take care of this dear animal effectively.

Knight of Wands:

The Knight of Wands is an act now, think later kind of card. It shows me you can be impulsive or have been in the past, so you are thinking hard now about moving back home. Rather than just packing your bags and leaving, you are weighing all the odds. Not just because your ex is only 3 miles away, but because you instinctively know that moving back to the cradle of your people, friends and family is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

The Knight of Wands signifies events coming quickly to you, things that will unfold to make your move forward a positive one. It is definitely a card of movement. In spite of this emotional blow, with the break up, your confidence level will rise up rather quickly because movement is not only going back home, but moving from this bad vibration to a higher level.

I predict you’ll move home so you can be surrounded with those who love you. Just remember a move is a free-will choice. You can move on an idea or a plan to wash this man right out of your hair.

The Tower:

You may be feeling shaken, insecure, scared. You’ve been through a great turmoil and the destruction of this relationship and you are striving to understand how you could have been so wrong or naive or blind to this situation. That can be perplexing and make you feel like you’ve failed. But this card is really a “good news” card because it’s your opportunity to shake off these bad vibes and change your life for the better.

I see you dusting yourself off and taking the initiative to move on from this relationship. I see you rebuilding yourself and regaining your health. With the Tower you are free to face the truth and reality without the trappings of false attachments.

From what I pick up on these cards and your vibration, I feel you’ve been through a tough experience, but given your strength and ability to move forward, I feel you’ll do what is right for yourself.

Remember it wasn’t anything you did that messed up the relationship, you simply attracted the wrong man into your life, you are destined for better.

Love and light,



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    Thank you for this reading. I still feel somewhat in limbo but I am communicating clearly with my ex (in regards to my future plans and our dog) and hopefully, this will provide some resolution. From there, I feel confident that I’ll be able to move forward.

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