The Time Frame Trap – Are you Participating in the Prediction or Sitting on the Sidelines?

Time Frame trap

I received a message the other day from a client who had a very interesting question. She wondered if one were to dwell on a time frame that they were given, if it might have an effect on the outcome or even make said prediction and time frame NOT come to pass.

Most questions I receive start out simple enough. Will I move? Will I start a new romance? Will my ex and I reconcile? Will I get a job/promotion? You get the idea.

The conundrum is if I get a yes answer, the invariable next question to myself as well as most if not all other readers is, “When do you see that happening?”

I practice horary astrology, so, timing can be done by looking at the significators in the chart and determining their position or degrees away from each other and when they would perfect their aspect.

There are other forms of timing in horary, but I won’t bore you with the specifics.

I also look at one’s natal chart and the transits, lunations and progressed Moon that may trigger an event. Here is where things may get tricky. Once a time frame is given, what is the client to do with it?

This is where one may need to know more about the personality of the client either psychically or astrologically to determine their ability to be a part of the prediction. Some readers may call this free will, which I know gets under the skin of many a client who feels that if the timing didn’t happen or the prediction itself, the reader had to be wrong. Well, perhaps the reader was wrong, after all, we are only human, but, sometimes it can land in the lap of the client who did not take advantage of said prediction.

Let’s take an example. You come for a reading asking if you would get a job. The horary is showing a yes as well as your natal chart transits and progressions. I give you a time frame of when this energy would be occuring in your chart as well as the timing the horary is showing. You are thrilled beyond words that you will finally have a job during this time period! But, what if that client thinks that this job will just manifest on its own? It will just drop like manna from heaven?

In the worst case scenario, one may not take advantage of the great job energy in their chart by not sending out resumes or filling out applications. Or, if they do, they either do not show up for the interview, arrive late, or do not put their best foot forward during the interview! Another way this can manifest is if they are offered a position, but, in their mind it is not “good enough” or maybe they think this prediction means they will get the job of their dreams and they should sit on their hands and wait. As one can see, if you do not take an active part in the prediction, most likely, not much will occur.

Back to whether dwelling on a time frame can have an effect on a prediction. What exactly is one doing while dwelling? Most likely not much! This is when giving time frames can be detrimental to clients. In as much as people like to know when something will occur, having a date stamp like the expiration on a carton of milk can hinder one from asking the bigger and usually more important question(s):

“What can I do to get a job, find love, rekindle romance, be able to move?”

Most times, questions are not formed this way, and maybe it is due to the fact that in this context, it requires action on the part of the client. Focusing on the when instead of the how is akin to going to a drive thru and getting your meal in less than 2 minutes. Asking how requires one to shop for the ingredients, do all the slicing, dicing and cooking in order to get to the end result. With the advent of 900 lines and per minute on demand psychic sites, the industry has become more inclined towards the drive thru fast food mentality, rather than preparing a meal worth eating!

So, let me ask this. How involved are you when getting a prediction that has a time frame attached? Do you dwell on it? Do you even ask when something may occur? The old adage is, “a watched pot never boils”, and may be useful here. While you are dwelling on a time frame to come and bring with it your wish come true, life may be passing you by. You may be missing the nuances or even signs that are subtle in nature, but right in front of you!

It is better if you ask or get a time frame, to tuck it in the back of your mind. It is more useful to ask the reader if your desire is even in alignment with what your path is right now. Sometimes, the Universe has something else in mind. It may not always be what you want, but, it is typically something you need to be driven towards as it is more in line with what lessons you are needing to learn or experience. I know, I know, lessons and growth are no fun, and we will talk about that taskmaster Saturn in a future post!

Visitors: What has been your experience with time frames? Do you find yourself getting stuck in the Time Frame Trap, going back for more readings to validate the timing of one reader or finding a need to return and ask for another time frame when one passes and the event does not occur? Do you feel it is better to ask how rather than when? I look forward to your comments below!



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