The Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) August 21, 2017

solar eclipse

The Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) occurs at 6:30 PM UTC in the zodiac sign of Leo at 28 degrees on August 21, 2017 and the energies of this Eclipse might linger for many months to come.

This Eclipse is related to the North Node Rx (the future) and makes you form a relationship with your dreams and desires to complete your soul work and your feelings might be put to the test.

The Solar Eclipse pushes you forward, allowing you to discover who you really are as well as what you can hope to achieve.

The North Node Rx is currently in the zodiac sign of Leo (the leader with a big heart) and the South Node Rx is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius (the water bearer who carries the waters of wisdom).

We need to walk in the shoes of Leo to lead and face unpleasant situations, but we also need to tap into the energies of Aquarius, the waters of wisdom so we do not lose our independence and individuality. Looks like we have some new soul work to do to align ourselves with the future.

The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is related to an inner awakening that brings you into the spotlight of awareness about yourself! The energies of this Eclipse will put pressure on you and you’ll feel motivated to change something about yourself that needs to be changed to accomplish your soul work.

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Conjuncts Mercury Rx and this aspect is associated with your feelings/thoughts and makes you think about what you need to do.

With the Eclipse aspecting Mercury retrograde, this might be a gift from the heavens because this retrograde period gives you a chance to do something over again, or gives you the opportunity to correct the mistakes you made, or gives you the opportunity to end something and start over again because the Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is associated with endings and new beginnings. 

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Conjuncts the North Node Rx and this aspect is associated with your feelings regarding the future and represents where you are headed on your path, into the future.

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is in Opposition with the South Node Rx and this aspect is associated with your feelings about the past and brings out a problem that you need to resolve to align yourself.

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Trines Uranus Rx (the awakener) and this aspect is related to your elevated feelings regarding the future and the ability to keep your feelings in check and roll with the changes that you need to make to achieve success.

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Inconjuncts Chiron Rx (the wounded healer). You might need to stop doubting yourself in order to heal yourself, or you might need to face something that you put on the back-burner because you did not want to deal with it.

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Transits for all Zodiac Signs.

Depending on where the Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) falls in your horoscope, you will be working with issues that are associated with that house and this Eclipse brings endings and new beginnings to help you grow to accomplish your soul work.

Aries – 5th house: Romance, love affairs, creativity, fun, hobbies, gambling, and children are activated during this eclipse.

Taurus – 4th house: Roots, family and home are activated during this eclipse.

Gemini – 3rd house: Communication, writing, teaching, short travel, siblings, cousins, your close environment that is related to the people you hang out with, or the people that you’re associated with professionally that you communicate with are activated during this eclipse.

Cancer – 2nd house: Morals and beliefs, money, assets, how you save your money, how you lend money to others, and how you earn your money and pay your bills are activated during this eclipse.

Leo – 1st house: New beginnings, self, ego, personality, appearance, and how you put your foot on the gas pedal to make something happen are activated during this eclipse.

Virgo – 12th house: Isolation, self-undoing, healing from a traumatic situation, hidden enemies, secret affairs, illness, hospitals, and prisons are activated during this eclipse.

Libra – 11th house: Hopes, wishes, friendships and your social network of friends are activated during this eclipse.

Scorpio – 10th house: Career, ambitions, social elevation, reputation and your highest achievements are activated during this eclipse.

Sagittarius – 9th house: Higher education, long distance travel, philosophy, religion, and spirituality are activated during this eclipse.

Capricorn – 8th house: Merging with someone, death, sex, debt, lawyers, other people’s money (intermingled assets) and transformation (new beginnings or endings) are activated during this eclipse.

Aquarius – 7th house: Exclusive committed relationships, marriage and business relationships are activated during this eclipse.

Pisces – 6th house: Health, daily routines, work environment, coworkers, and pets are activated during this eclipse.



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