The Invisible Man: Part 2 of 12

Invisible Man

This week, the 12-part series called “The Invisible Man” continues.

This series came about as a result of a client who was struggling with a breakup and seeking questions about the demise of her relationship.

To Recap: The client whom we will call “Annie” was stuck at the cross-roads for many years regarding this breakup, which she never saw coming…

Annie is a long time client of mine, and she asked me to go into detail about a man she was engaged to in the past.

We will call this man James Bond…

Annie thought she knew James Bond inside and out, but when the relationship ended, unexpectedly, without closure, she realized she did not know him as good as she thought she did!

She had a hard time letting him go and said she should’ve been much further by now, but she also said that she is still twisted and stuck in a rut, still looking backwards!

She asked me to pull his natal birth chart and take a look at his personality to understand why he would just disappear, unexpectedly, and leave her without closure?

Psychic Scoop-James Bond

Psychic Scoop-Cancer Crab

The Second House (private and subjective). Cancer/Leo – the second house of James Bond’s natal birth chart is ruled by the Cancer zodiac sign, and Leo is the sub-ruler: morals, beliefs, money, assets, how he saves his money, spends his money, how he lends money to others, and how he earns his money and pays his bills.

This house is ruled by the Cancer zodiac sign (the crab). Financial security is very important to James Bond. Emotions will play a significant role with his financial security, especially when his finances are not in order, or when he is forced to do something that does not agree with his morals and beliefs (the time when Pluto brings unexpected pitfalls).

James Bond might flip flop between two situations: saving his money and stashing it away for a rainy day (compliments of Cancer, the ruler of the second house), or he might splurge and spend his hard earned money and have a hard time saving (compliments of Leo, the sub-ruler of the second house).

pluto-newThe Planet Pluto represents the Wild Card Planet. Pluto is related to unexpected transformation, endings and new beginnings. Pluto will destroy in order to renew. Pluto brings out what was buried or hidden under the rug, then painfully makes James bond start the housecleaning (out with the old and in with the new)!

Pluto resides in the zodiac sign of Leo (the zodiac sign with a big heart that likes to be in the spotlight).

Pluto is in the peregrine state, referred as un-aspected in the second house because this house is ruled by the Cancer zodiac sign. Pluto is also un-aspected in the zodiac sign of Leo (the sub ruler of the second house). There are five possible aspects: rulership, detriment, exaltation and fall. The fifth aspect is referred to as peregrine (un-aspected).

The Peregrine aspect brings gifts or challenges, but also represents the run away train that is hard to tame, or the outlaw that is trying to blend with the elite. The influence of Pluto in the second house might make James Bond strong and dominant, or vulnerable and weak (sending James Bond into isolation). James Bond might stand out of the crowd, or feel vulnerable to others, or feel indifferent to others, or display no reaction to others. Anything can happen… Pluto is the run away train with no rules, and the “Wild Card Planet” lives up to its name in his second house!

When Pluto is aspected with another planet in James Bond’s outer chart, hidden secrets and unexpected changes will prevail, and these changes might be painfully trust upon him without warning if aspected by a tricky transit.

Pluto will be stimulated by a good or bad transit, and this will be the time when James Bond will experience unexpected transformation that will be good or bad related to his assets and morals.

Pluto represents the planet of extremes, it’s got to be all or nothing (a new beginning or an ending)! Pluto won’t let James Bond sit on his resources because he will not grow, so when he falls down (and he might with Pluto in his house of assets and morals), he will pick himself up and start over no matter what happens!

With Pluto in the sign of Leo, James Bond needs to make enough money to feel good about himself, but he also needs to live like the king (compliments of the zodiac sign of Leo). He needs to live life to the fullest, but at the same time he needs to have fun, and it takes money to have fun!

Pluto makes James Bond build his resources, but also makes him driven to make money. Pluto brings unexpected transformation and pushes James Bond out of his comfort zone to clean up and recycle. James Bond is forced to use his power to transform what is not working, which will bring him into a higher level of achievement after he has done the house cleaning and purging!

Pluto Sextile Venus

This Aspect creates a harmonious situation: Pluto (his assets, money and morals) Sextile Venus (his home, family and security).

The Serious Relationship Transformation

The trine places a harmonious aspect on a situation. This aspect brings James Bond into a long term commitment with a serious relationship, or the person that he wants to set up home with, or the relationship with his close family.

The Planet Pluto (unexpected transformation) is in the sign of Leo (the zodiac sign with a big heart). Pluto resides in his second house: morals, beliefs, money, assets, how he saves his money, spends his money, how he lends money to others, and how he earns his money, and pays his bills.

The Planet Venus (what he loves, needs and desires) is in the sign of Libra (the need to balance the contract between his head and heart). Venus resides in the fourth house: home, roots, past life, family, father, or a father figure.

This aspect shows that James Bond is a committed partner. He places importance on relationships and requires the same commitment from his partner.

With Pluto in this house, it shows that his financial security, morals and beliefs were going to go through transformation (endings and new beginnings), but this aspect also means he would meet someone special.

He is naturally attracted to relationships that transform him that are growing (Pluto), but his relationship partner needs to be graceful and carry a stylish appearance of elegance (Venus).


Stay tuned for next’s week’s installment — read the full series as it unfolds.




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