The Invisible Man: Part 1 of 12

Invisible Man

This week, we begin a 12-part series called “The Invisible Man.”

This series came about as a result of a client who was struggling with a breakup and seeking questions about the demise of her relationship.

The client whom we will call “Annie” was stuck at the cross-roads for many years regarding this breakup, which she never saw coming…

Annie is a long time client of mine, and she asked me to go into detail about a man she was engaged to in the past.

We will call this man James Bond…

Annie thought she knew James Bond inside and out, but when the relationship ended, unexpectedly, without closure, she realized she did not know him as good as she thought she did!

She had a hard time letting him go and said she should’ve been much further by now, but she said that she is still twisted and stuck in a rut, still looking backwards!

She asked me to pull his natal birth chart and take a look at his personality to understand why he would just disappear, unexpectedly, and leave her without closure?

James Bond’s Natal Birth Chart

Invisible Man

James Bond’s Personality

Sun Sign=Libra. James Bond thinks a lot about what he wants. The first element of his personality represents the way his mind works. No matter what he goes through, he needs to balance the contract between his head and heart, and his head usually wins in the end, not his heart. James Bond can also be passive (the heart rules) and then aggressive (the head rules).

Ascendant=Cancer. James Bond is secretly emotional with how he goes about getting what he wants and needs, and the kind of experiences he needs to make his life meaningful. The second element of his personality represents his rising sign, which provides his secret vehicle with how he will take action.

Moon=Virgo. James Bond needs and desires to feel safe and secure. The third element of his personality consists of the Moon, which represents his inner, secret self that is very critical! The Moon is related to his emotions, the secret self that he is not willing to talk about, and his needs and desires that fluctuate during the Changing Phases of the Moon.

James Bond was born during the Balsamic Moon Phase: The Balsamic Moon Phase is the Last Phase of the Moon, relating to the time of finishing something up… The Balsamic Moon Phase is considered karmic because this Moon Phase represents the preparation of achieving closure, tying up loose ends, and moving on to a new cycle!

Upbringing=Mom and Dad. The fourth element of his personality derives from what he liked, or what he did not like about his upbringing, which relates to his beliefs and morals. This is the moral aspect of his personality, and what he saw as right and what he saw as wrong.

James Bond’s upbringing represents training, instruction, and the way that he was treated. This is the examining part of his personality that led him to pick out what he liked and agreed with, but also what he did not like, and what he was not willing to repeat, or use in the future.

The Combination of the Sun, Ascendant, and Moon: The Sun describes what he wants, the Ascendant describes how he will go about getting what he wants, and the Moon describes what he needs and desires to feel secure.

The Natal Birth Chart is used to gain insight relating to his behavior, personality and potential.


Psychic Scoop, Libra Scales, images

Libra carries the Venus torch of wants, desires and needs. James Bond is related to the scales that must be balanced. He is cultured, refined, and loves beautiful things. However, he will react to situations and swing from one side to the other until he is able to balance the contract between his head and heart.

The Northern and Southern Hemispheres

The Northern Hemisphere represents houses 1 through 6 in his natal birth chart (these houses are below the horizon). People with planets in the Northern Hemisphere tend to be more private and subjective.

The Southern Hemisphere represents houses 7 through 12 in his natal birth chart (these houses are above the horizon). People with the majority of planets found in the Southern Hemisphere tend to be more objective, sociable, and concerned with outside events.

Psychic Scoop-Cancer CrabThe First House (private and subjective). Cancer – the first house of James Bond’s natal birth chart is ruled by the Cancer zodiac sign: self, ego, personality, appearance, how James Bond will go about getting what he wants.

The first house represents the Ascendant, the secret vehicle with how James Bond will take action to go after what he wants! The Ascendant represents the kind of experiences he needs to make his life happy and meaningful.

The first house is ruled by the Cancer zodiac sign (the crab). The Cancer Crab is mysterious, has a hidden driving force that is different and hard to understand. The crab will hide in its shell until it’s ready to face a situation, or the crab will initiate action and leave its shell, or the crab will initiate action and return to its shell and keep someone waiting in thrall. The crab is complex, but do not be fooled by the crab. The crab will attack to protect and initiate changes that need to be made.

The Cancer zodiac sign is related to home, family and security. Cancer is loyal, caring, dependable, moody, but also oversensitive.

Psychic Scoop-JupiterThe Planet Jupiter is the Guardian Angel Planet that works in a mysterious way related to luck, fortune, and expansion.

Jupiter resides in the zodiac sign of Cancer (the cardinal leader that will initiate change). Jupiter does not want James Bond to have limits and rules. Jupiter wants James bond to expand and reach his highest potential!

Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, and becomes the honored guest in the sign of Cancer. With Jupiter in the right house, this placement helps James Bond fulfil his mission to expand and continue to grow.

Jupiter Square Mercury Rx

This Aspect creates a nasty friction. Jupiter (the kind of experiences he needs to make his life happy and meaningful) Square Mercury Rx (his romance sector).

Out of Luck or Broken Promises…

The square places a nasty obstacle between James bond and his romantic relationship path, or of a situation that is very difficult to overcome. James Bond ends up going in the opposite direction of his relationship path, or he cannot agree with something, or he is forced to leave his relationship path.

The square teaches him heartfelt lessons, but also makes him a stronger person because the square helps him develop inner strength through his relationship struggles.

Mercury is Rx (retrograde) is in James Bond’s natal birth chart and represents that he takes in information differently than people with Mercury direct in their natal chart. He turns everything inward and struggles with his mind being overloaded and thinks too much, or he might double-check his thoughts before communicating, or he might shut down and say no, or do nothing to end the overload because the situation feels too disturbing, or he might become the divine liar or trickster…

Mercury Rx makes a person turn thought inward and experience inner work. The Planet Mercury determines the speed at which you gather information, think, talk, analyze, write and travel.

Mercury Rx resides in the sign of Libra. Libra carries the Venus torch of wants, desires and needs. Mercury Rx is located in his 5th house: romance, risk taking, love affairs, creativity, fun, hobbies, gambling, and children.

This aspect shows that James Bond does not want to be held back because he has many ideas and plans, but when his luck, fortune and expansion shuts down, he breaks promises because his thoughts are turned inwards, not outwards to others. He might shut down and do nothing to end the overload because the situation feels too disturbing, or he might leave others waiting in thrall, or he might just disappear!


Stay tuned for next’s week’s installment — read the full series as it unfolds.




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