The Astrology of Divorce and Break Ups

Can astrology predict when a marriage or relationship may go sour or experience difficulty? Can an astrologer foresee a divorce?

For this question, I have to say in most cases yes. The reason is that everyone goes through cycles.

Transits and progressions to one’s chart bring that planet’s energy to the chart. This can have an impact on our experiences during that period of time.

Another thing to consider is the individual horoscopes as well as the synastry and composite charts between the two people being analyzed for potential divorce or break up.

Some charts have the propensity for difficulty in relationships, while others tend to rise above problems and work through them. Then, in looking at the synastry, you can often tell if a hard aspect may trigger one of the harder aspects between two planets in the charts.

I once read that if a couple can make it through their individual Saturn to Venus transits or progressions, they can make it through anything. I can vouch from personal experience, that my ex husband and I did not make it through the hard aspect transiting Saturn made to our respective Venus placements when we divorced. Another way to predict when there may be a period of difficulty is looking at the actual “marriage chart”. This would be the chart set for the date, time and place the wedding took place.

Typical troublemakers are:

  • transits or progressions through the 1st or 7th house by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto
  • Jupiter believe it or not tends to bring on divorce – this is due to its expansive nature and if one has been in what they feel is an oppressive situation, they will feel optimistic enough to “break free” at this time – this would be seen by transits to the 7th, ruler of the 7th
  • hard aspects to Venus from transits or progressions involving the above planets
  • part of Divorce is activated by transit or progression
  • the Sun/Moon midpoint will be under stress from hard transits
  • the Vertex will be activated by transit or progression
  • personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) progressing to harshly aspect the above natal planets (Saturn et al)

It is important to know that in most cases, the natal chart itself has to indicate that one would have divorce in their ‘blueprint’ for lack of a better term. This can be seen by:

  • dual bodied signs on the 7th cusp (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces)
  • ruler of the 7th in a dual bodied sign
  • Venus in aspect to Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto
  • ruler of the 7th under stress – receiving harsh aspects, especially from malefics
  • Moon in the 7th house can make one “restless” in relationships, especially if it aspects Uranus
  • Sun in a woman’s chart applying towards more than one aspect; Moon in a man’s chart applying to more than one aspect
  • ruler of the 7th applying to more than one aspect
  • many planets in the 7th house
  • Moon or Venus in a man’s chart in Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces receiving or making harsh aspects
  • Sun or Mars in a woman’s chart in Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces receiving or making harsh aspects

Most of the above will not present in every chart, and, as said before, these things show the potential for divorce or more than one marriage. Let’s see how these indicators can work.

Recently, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced that they would be divorcing. In Ben’s chart we have these indicators that he may have more than one marriage, or a divorce in his lifetime:

  • ruler of the 7th, Saturn, in a dual sign – Gemini
  • Venus in Cancer, in an applying square to Uranus
  • Moon in Scorpio applying to more than one aspect – square Mercury, trine Venus and square Sun
  • Venus in a separating aspect to Pluto
  • Venus opposite 7th house cusp
  • Moon in a prolific sign



Another thing I found interesting about his chart is some claims that perhaps he was unfaithful and had some “issues” with gambling. This may be seen in his natal chart due to Libra on the 5th house of not only “love affairs” but, this house also rules games of chance or speculation. Venus, ruler of this house is placed in the “secret” or hidden 12th house. Neptune is also in the 5th, which in of itself does not mean someone is going to have affairs, but, wherever we find Neptune in the chart is where we may either lie to others or ourselves. Venus in the 12th in many ancient texts usually will say that a clandestine affair will occur in the native’s lifetime.

It is also not surprising that they began to have issues a couple of years ago, and sought out counseling. His natal Moon in the 5th house, was transited by Saturn. Saturn rules his 8th house. The 8th house ruler when activated can indicate psychotherapy or counseling of some sort. Saturn in aspect to Venus and the Moon at any time in a man’s chart can indicate trouble with women. The aspect to his Moon was considered a “hard” one since it was a conjunction. The aspect to his Venus, was a trine – this is considered an easy aspect and may have helped for a time the difficulties with the Moon/Saturn transit. It was more than likely a very sad or depressing time for him as well, and I also have to wonder if some of his speculative activities lost him some money since Saturn rules the 8th and the Moon the 2nd, which are financial houses in the chart. He also was and still is receiving a transit from Pluto in Capricorn through his 7th house. Whenever Pluto moves through this house, it can signal a complete transformation, change or breakdown. His marriage may have been at the breaking point at that time, which was late 2012 into 2013 – two years ago – and he may have been given an ultimatum to change his ways. Being that this is the house that rules ones marriage partner, it can also show that Jennifer may have been going through a transformation or huge life change herself at that time. At the same time transiting Pluto was entering his 7th house, it was also opposing his ascendant and natal Venus. Venus again, ruling that 5th house, and being in the 12th, has me wondering if there were some shenanigans going on or secretly losing money. Transiting Uranus, the “divorce” or separation planet joined in about that same time to square his natal Venus/Ascendant/7th house. Last Fall may have been one of the harder times for Ben, as transiting Saturn was square his natal Sun in the 3rd house, ruling the 3rd house – this house rules our thoughts and communication. He may have felt trapped or that he couldn’t express himself adequately. During this last year, he also had his Vertex at 25 Scorpio transited by Saturn. Transiting Jupiter will also square this point. His Part of Divorce was activated about 2 years ago when they started to have issues by not only transiting Pluto, but transiting Uranus. In his progressed chart, his marital issues may have started when his secondary progressed Moon moved to oppose his natal Moon, bringing on problems with the women in his life. He also had progressed Uranus move to aspect his natal Saturn, ruler of his marriage 7th house. In his solar arc directed chart, his directed Neptune has entered the 7th house of marriage and square the divorce/separation planet natal Uranus. Two years ago, his solar arc directed Uranus was in his 5th house (still is) and conjuncted his Vertex at 25 Scorpio. Solar arc directed Mars, traditional co ruler of the 5th, squared his Part of Divorce. In his Age Harmonic progressions for 43 years old, the 7th house cusp exactly comes to his Age Harmonic ascendant, and his Age Harmonic Moon, ruler of his Age Harmonic 7th house is not only conjunct his Vertex, but, transiting Saturn has been on this point as well as Jupiter. If we compare his Age Harmonic chart to his natal chart, this same Age Harmonic Moon and Venus land in his 5th house and squares his natal Sun. Age Harmonic Uranus exactly squares his natal Moon, ruler of his Age Harmonic 7th house. The Part of Divorce is on his Age Harmonic ascendant as well.




Oddly enough, these two have a Cancer ascendant. Ben’s is 8 degrees while Jennifer’s is 4, so, it is as if they would experience a lot of the same issues as far as heavy transits or progressions to these angles in the chart. Multiple marriages are also seen in her chart, with Capricorn on the 7th, and Saturn in Gemini, a dual bodied sign, in the 12th, a dual bodied house, with three other stellar bodies. Her Mars is also in a dual bodied sign, Gemini in the 12th with Venus and the Moon there as well – which can give fickleness in romance. Jupiter in Capricorn (which is in its Fall) is in her 7th house, which also can lend itself to more than one marriage. The same Pluto/Uranus transits were occurring to her ascendant and 7th cusp as Ben. Her Part of Divorce was activated recently by Venus and Mars in Gemini opposing it as well as Jupiter aspecting it. Her natal Saturn in Gemini has received the same transit from Saturn as Ben – an opposition, and with them both having Saturn rule marriage, it is clear to see how they may have felt they couldn’t save things. Her secondary progressed Moon is going through her 7th house of marriage and about the time they announced their split it was exactly on her natal Jupiter in the 7th. Most likely, they had been “apart” though, as progressed Moon opposed her progressed Venus right on her ascendant. This has me wondering if she perhaps may rebound quickly in the romantic sense! Her Vertex was also activated when Saturn transited it. In her Solar Arc chart, we have directed Saturn, ruler of her 7th house square the divorce planet, Uranus. Solar Arc Neptune is in her 7th house of marriage and square Uranus as well. In a sense, Uranus as at the midpoint of her Solar Arc Saturn and Neptune. In her Age Harmonic chart for 43 years old, we have Age Harmonic Venus opposite Age Harmonic Jupiter – remember Jupiter is natally in her 7th house, and even though Jupiter is considered a benefic or good planet, it tends to have a part in divorce or break up charts. Age Harmonic Moon is conjunct Age Harmonic Saturn (ruler of her ascendant and 7th house) and they are both in opposition to her natal Venus/Mars conjunction in Gemini. I realize the press seems to want to insinuate that perhaps the separation came about due to Ben’s infidelities, but, I am wondering here if there wasn’t more going on in both camps! Looking ahead at Jennifer’s charts, I have a feeling that perhaps at 45/46 she will either wed again (she has 3 marriages) or be in a committed relationship as she will be going through some marriage transits/progressions. Ben’s next marriage cycle seems to be at age 46/47.

There is also a way to determine length of marriage and in this case, it works with their charts. We take the marriage significator and move it by direction until it forms a hard aspect. In Ben’s case, his Saturn, ruler of the 7th at the 10th year of marriage would oppose his natal Jupiter. They were married 10 years. If we move his Venus 8 degrees, it will square his Uranus – they started to have issues at 8 years of marriage. With Jennifer, she has been married before – so, even if we were to take the 9th house, which rules the 2nd husband, we would use either Saturn for traditional charts or Uranus for modern as Aquarius is on the cusp of the 9th. Saturn for her first marriage immediately opposed her natal Neptune – in an interview she gave, she admitted that her first marriage “didn’t have a shot” – I have a feeling that their marriage even though all accounts claim it ended in 2004 (they were separated in 2003) was probably over even sooner, like the first year with this sort of aspect! For her second marriage, if we take Saturn, ruler of the 7th and progress if forward, it hits Mars, a malefic by conjunction ten to eleven degrees later (a degree equals a year). If we move her 9th house ruler (if we are going to entertain the 9th and Uranus here) Uranus 10 degrees, it conjuncts her Part of Marriage – Uranus is the divorce planet. Saturn if progressed 10 degrees will also aspect Uranus – but, it is a trine, not a harsh aspect.

Even though a divorce or rocky time in a relationship can be seen by the astrologer, it does not have to mean you and your partner call it quits. But, relationships take two people who want things to work – oftentimes the astrologer will see one partner’s chart who seems to be doing everything to hang on to the other person, while the other person is feeling the pangs of needing space and time away. Some are so focused on keeping things as they know them, that they don’t see the bigger picture and that perhaps that Saturn transit is trying to teach them a lesson about retaining things, or the Pluto transit is painfully prying you away from something that will hold back your personal growth. While going through it, it is like the Sun will never come out again, believe me, we have all been there at least once with a romance or marriage we had. But, if you look back on those times and really see things how they were, not how you wanted them to be, you probably will realize you are a better person now and if you have worked on yourself since then, are in a better place. Think of it this way: If you are holding onto a romance that is difficult and at its core not right in the long run for you, you are preventing the “right” one to enter your life.



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