The Angel Messenger

The Message Might Be Gentle Or Roar Like The Lion…

After work, on a cloudy Friday afternoon, I decided to take a drive and go shopping because I wanted to buy a bed skirt to match my new comforter, so I headed off to Sears.

On the way to Sears, I heard this strong, abrupt voice say, “Go home right now!”

After I heard this strong voice ordering me to go home, I started to shake and almost lost my ability to drive just as I was pulling into the Sears parking lot.

I wondered what the heck this was all about, I was being told to go home right now and not shop! The Voice said “No” to shopping!

The experience shattered me, and I had to sit in my car for a good ten minutes to calm myself, after I pulled into the Sears parking lot.

My legs, hands and arms were shaking uncontrollably, and I felt like I was having an anxiety attack that was over powering me!

Pirates Are Watching You Safina!

Pirate's Highway

The Pirate’s Highway

After I calmed down, I went into Sears and looked for the bed skirt, but they were out of them, so I left right away because I was not interested in shopping. Altogether, I was not in the store more than ten minutes.

When I left Sears and went to the parking lot to get into my car, I was astonished to find my car had vanished!

Again, I doubted my sanity as I knew exactly where I had parked my car, yet it had vanished from right in front of Sears!

I walked around the parking lot, imagining that perhaps, after all, my distress and anxiety had led me to forget where I had parked. After walking the entire parking lot, vainly searching for my car and sobbing, I realized my car was truly gone!

The strong voice told me to go home, which made me shake because the strong influence was trying to scare me so that I would avoid this catastrophe, knowing how much I wanted to buy the bed skirt and how set I was on getting it.

At that time in my life I was driving a black Toyota Supra that I called “Black Beauty” because I was earnestly devoted to keeping her clean and waxed. The name fit, because my car was always sparkling, and she looked like “Black Beauty!”

pirate-shipI loved my car, and she was gone, leaving me stranded and shortly thereafter soaked in a heavy downpour!

The idea that someone could just take my car, just like that, frustrated me to no end! Not only had it been locked, the alarm had been armed as well! The strong voice was trying to warn me to go home because they knew the “Pirate” was at work to take my car!

This was the first time my angel messenger used fear to scare the living daylights out of me, and I did not listen, and as a result, I lost my car! 

The police found my car two hours later, about ten miles away, on blocks in a rural neighborhood sitting in front of someone’s house. The police called and told me not to come see the car because it would only upset me further as it was stripped to the bone. However, I went anyway because I had to see what the villains had done to my beloved car.

Indeed, they had stripped my “Black Beauty” to the bone and it did break my heart. I told the police that the “Pirates” had done this, and I continued to hope that they would catch the perpetrators, but they never did. They were professionals and had done the whole job within two hours! It almost killed me as I stood there drenched in the rain and watched them tow away my “Black Beauty!”


The Black Beauty

Meanwhile, I got my car back, and my husband rebuilt the “Black Beauty.” He found a place in Los Angeles that had all the necessary parts, which were used and nowhere near being in the fine condition of my original car, but I accepted that the “Black Beauty” was going to have used parts because I loved that car.

After she was rebuilt, I was afraid to leave her anywhere, fearing that “Black Beauty” would be again abducted, and this fear stayed with me for years and years!

I will never forget that day when I did not listen to that strong voice, and now when my angel tells me to go home, I most certainly will!

The Lesson I learned: In the beginning of my spiritual journey, when I was younger, I never listened to the messages I received until the day I was told to go home NOW… I ignored the message and learned a lesson the hard way.

Pay Attention To Your Angels: The Message Might Be Gentle Or Roar Like The Lion…

Sometimes, you will receive a soft gentle message, but other times you might receive a strong message that roars like a lion, and creates thunder…

I learned that when you hear a voice telling you “Do Not” get in your car, or “Do Not” get in the boat, or “Do Not” get on that plane, or “Do Not” go shopping, or “Do Not” trust that person, you are receiving a message from your guardian angel and you need to pay attention and stop what you are doing and listen! If you do not listen, you are going to experience something that you are not going to like, and sometimes the result of not listening to your Angel relates to life altering conditions that you cannot change!

Archangel Michael is the warrior that protects you physically and emotionally. Michael helps you muster the courage and strength to face something unpleasant, helping you go into battle if you need to, to defend yourself. Michael brings out your integrity, the part of you that is truthful to yourself and to others. Michael is also the protector of light worker’s and psychic attacks.

Archangel Uriel helps you cope with failures and disasters. Uriel helps you deal with natural earth disasters: fires, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, hurricanes, tsunamis (water and ice), and tornadoes. Uriel gives you practical information that helps you solve problems. Uriel brings you into creative insight that allows you to overcome your blocks and failures.

Archangel Raphael helps you heal emotional and physical pain, through communication, when your mind, body and spirit are out of balance, because you cannot quiet your thoughts. Raphael also protects you when you are traveling and also helps you understand your spiritual journey and where you are headed.

Archangel Gabriel brings messages to you about monumental changes such as: fertility, births, pregnancies, adoptions, hormonal imbalances, psychic attacks, rapes, or being sexually taken advantage of. Gabriel will help you open up your third eye so you can interpret your dreams and visions to understand the past and the future. Gabriel is also a spiritual coach that inspires journalists, writers, communication specialists (television and radio), artists and personal creative projects. Gabriel helps you overcome your procrastination problems, or the fears you have when it’s time to change your career direction and find your true life purpose.


The Angel Messenger




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