Taurus New Moon Card Reading: Pick a Card!

What does the next lunar cycle hold for you? Which of these hidden influences will be most significant for you with the upcoming Taurus New Moon?

Relax and choose one card and then post your answer in the comments section below. You can also post your answer on the Psychic Scoop Facebook page.

The results with your specific message will be displayed at the next New Moon that takes place on Friday, May 6th at 8:29 pm.

This New Moon occurs at 16° Taurus 41′. It forms a grand trine with Pluto (at 17° Capricorn 24′ Rx) and the North Node (at 18° Virgo 53′ Rx).

The following cards were selected to represent nine different areas of focus. They’re also tied to the Moon’s conjunction to the planets as she moves through her 28-day lunar cycle.

Because Jupiter and Pluto are at the same degree this month that they were last, they were not included here.

The cards will be turned over and revealed — with a special message for you — just prior to Friday’s New Moon.

You can post your pick here in the comments section below, or you can choose your card and post your response on our Facebook fan page.

This is a monthly feature posted prior to the New Moon each month — so be sure to take part in all of them.

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But for now have fun with this. Take your time, relax and focus on the cards and then pick one. The card you select will have an important message for you during this New Moon cycle:

Here they are a little larger:


Check back on the 6th for results! And be sure to share and “like” our Facebook Page!

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