Tarot of the Week – The Hanged Man

 ghosts&spirits-hanged-manTarot of the Week — June 24 – June 30

This week we offer a look and interpretation of The Hanged Man from the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt:

In this deck the Hanged man is a transformational figure, the root system shows us his connection to the universe and the skeletal being of the underworld is holding the man in suspension.

From the look of the man’s face he seems to give up freely to the connection of the light of the universe and darker side of humanity.

When we see a hanged man in a spread, or The Hanged man this week, then you may want to consider holding off on signing any contracts or falling head over heels in love with someone.

This card represents a need to suspend something to stop an action or to postpone something to give you time to think it all out. If you are not impulsive and you can hold off on “acting” on a decision, at least for a few days, it will shed some light on other options that may be available to you.

You may be feeling a bit stuck in life, as the Hanged Man can sometimes reflect a feeling of restriction. Seeing this card is a sign that you may need to get in touch with why you are feeling stuck or suspended at this time in your life.

This reflection can help you figure out ways to get out of your rut and on with your life. You should accept and surrender to your present circumstances. Be open to different experiences and give up your need for control of situations surrounding you. Sometimes it’s okay just to let go a bit.

When you see The Hanged man ask yourself if you are a  willing victim, someone who has chosen the path of sacrifice to accomplish a higher goal. The Hanged Man represents a time when you may be willing to sacrifice something for the greater good.

You may want to sacrifice on finances, or on relationships that no longer serve you. He is a martyr so you may ask yourself are you being a martyr in your relationship? Are you sacrificing too much?


Sometimes martyrdom can go way too far.  On the other hand, and depending on the other cards surrounding it, he shows you should consider being more selfless and try to benefit others or be of service to others for the greater good. Or that you may have been too hasty or selfish in a certain situation.

Overall the Hanged Man is all about service, all about you making sacrifices for a higher goal, either personal or that of a unit or group.  When you see this card review the investment of time or money something will need in order to reach that higher goal you’ve been seeking. He shows you are devoted to a cause and ready to take on any project or circumstance with careful thought and consideration.


ghostsspiritsThe Ghosts and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt explores the fascinating subject of ghosts, surveying supernatural lore and legend from around the world.

This luminous presents 79 ethereal beings, some frightening, and some friendly.

Through the symbolism of tarot, they deliver their messages from beyond, shedding light on human experiences.

Includes: Special Bonus card, Booklet with divinatory meanings, and Five-card Realm of the Spirit spread.

The Ghosts and Spirits Tarot is published by U.S. Games.

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