Tarot Card of the Week – The Fool

FoolCard of the Week: Sep 26 – Oct 2, 2016:

The Fool

You’re only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it.
~ Robin Williams

The Fool of the Witches Tarot deck is on a ledge, his foot so very close to the edge we feel almost scared for him. There is his trusty dog, a representation of the universe that is keeping him on the path.

The Fool looks up, and doesn’t care where he is going but he is happy in the moment.

 The Fool in the major arcana of the Tarot, is numbered zero, which is the number of unlimited potential and unlimited possibilities. It can be considered the first card in the deck or the last, doesn’t really matter where he falls.

If you look at the card you can see the fool doesn’t seem to care where he’s been or where he is going, but he is jubilant and carefree. He doesn’t care what is behind him or in front, but only about the present moment.

When you see the Fool in a Tarot reading it represents a need to change things, to start fresh, or take a different direction.

This card is all about personal growth and development which means sometimes taking risks, not looking where you are going, but simply plunging in.

The card is a sign that you can take a leap of faith and trust the universe that it will unfold the way it’s supposed to, to meet your goal and manifest success in career or a relationship.  Or the card could signify that there is a choice to be made.

You may have to make a wise decision but the Fool reminds us that there are many different options available, you just have to trust yourself and listen to your own inner voice. It’s time for you to believe and have faith that the Universe is guiding you in the right direction.

If you are experiencing fear in your life, the Fool is a great card to meditate on. The card can give you courage because as you look at the carefree character, you’ll come to see how nothing can stand in your way. You may be inspired to take a risk, become more creative and open up whole new areas in your life.




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