Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Wands

Six of Wands

Tarot Card of the Week: Jan 4 – Jan 10, 2016

Six of Wands

This week may see you getting some much-deserved approval or recognition from your peers.

The Six of Wands refers to support, approval and acclaim, brought about by something you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Is there something you have been aiming for that has possibly seemed out of reach? If so, this is the week to reach out, grab it and make it your own.

You may have been putting a lot of effort into your work and not even realizing that others have taken notice. Or you could be unexpectedly pulled aside by a loved one, just to tell you how much you’re loved and appreciated.

You may not know where it will take you but what you do know is that it is for your greater good and that there is a fair degree of growth attached to it. Intellectually you are soaring.

This is a good time to put your head down and study or if you have written work to complete now is the time to do so. The path you are on is about to take you on a leap possibly beyond your wildest dreams and you should be aiming high as that star is easily within your reach.

In this version of the card — from the stunning Wild Unknown Tarot — a beautiful butterfly rises above a sparse landscape of tangled and dried-out brush. She may have just emerged from her cocoon to take her maiden flight. Or she may be on a more soaring to great heights mentally and spiritually. The blues and greens indicate a focus on higher mind ideals and also represent a soothing calm contentment.

This simple rendition perfectly depicts both the sense of “standing out in a crowd” and of “rising above triumphantly” that is so much a part of this archetype.

The Six of Wands is a card of appreciation and admiration. You “win” something and have earned the right to be satisfied with the spoils of your victory. This isn’t about ego or conceit and it’s never at someone else’s expense. There’s a strong sense of being supported and lifted up by others who rejoice right along with you.

You could be in line for a promotion or award at work. You could be given the ok to go ahead with a project you’ve been excited about. Or it may be as simple as pat on the back and some words of encouragement by those who look up to you.

This card heralds a time of rewards and validation. It’s a time for being recognized for all that you’ve accomplished on the job or in your personal relationships.

Whatever form this takes for you this week, know that you’ve earned it and that you deserve it. It may just give you the incentive to keep shooting for the stars and manifesting your highest goals.



wild-unknown-deckThis week’s card — Six of Wands — comes from the Wild Unknown Tarot by 
Kim Krans.

You can purchase this amazing deck directly from the Wild Unknown Website or from a variety of stores listed there.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this deck are donated to some very worthy causes

Please also visit and “like” the Wild Unknown Tarot Facebook Fan Page!

Used by generous permission.





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