Tarot Card of the Week: The Hierophant

RW-VTarot Card of the Week: June 27 – July 3, 2016

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the fifth card of the Major Arcana. This card, from the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, depicts a stoic man on a throne between two pillars.

He is wearing a crown, with one hand raised as if giving a blessing. In the other hand is a staff, sometimes referred to as a cross or holy trinity. At his feet appear to be two people seeking his wisdom or blessing.

According to the dictionary, the word Hierophant comes from the Greek, meaning an official expounder of rites of worship and sacrifice. In tarot, he is often referred to as The Pope, the Magnus of Eternal Rulership and is associated with Taurus.

It may seem odd the Hierophant represents Taurus the bull since it is often represented by a holy man. However, since his main purpose is for balance and grounding, it makes more sense.As The Hierophant is the fifth card in the Major Arcana, let’s take a look at the meaning of the number five. It is the number of balance and the number for human being, meaning four limbs and the head. It also represents the five senses; taste, hearing, sight, touch and smell. It relates to learning life lessons and making positive choices.

The Hierophant is felt to mean conforming to social standards. He represents a teacher, priest, religious leader or a mentor. He is the keeper of sacred traditions, meaning the importance of passing down customs, beliefs and values to other generations.

While it is felt he depicts a religious figure, it can also mean your own spirituality and the spiritual path you choose to follow. It can be asking you if you are choosing the right path or the need to return to your spiritual belief.

When the Hierophant comes up in a spread for a reading, the cards surrounding him may show you are conflicted about an important decision. While he is often seen as something of a spiritual nature, keep in mind he is also reminding us to make the right choices.






The original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck cards were drawn in 1909 by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

The deck is available through the publisher, U.S. Games Inc.

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